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    MANGA: Star Collector Vol. 2

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    Star Collector Vol. 2 – Sophie Schonhammer & Anna Backhausen

    Fynn’s favorite activities are skipping class, smoking, and lying around. So when he’s told it’s time to shape up and try doing something else for a change, he has no idea where to even start.

    Then, on a nighttime walk around his neighborhood, he sees a stranger with a telescope up on a hill: his name is Niko, and he loves to watch the stars. Intrigued, Flynn decides to find out more about this nerdy boy and what could be so interesting about the night sky that he loves so much.

    This is the second and final volume of the Star Collector series.

    This is the angstier, more painful sequel to Star Collector Vol. 1 in which there were a lot of fights and unnecessary drama. Nico shutting Fynn out made me want to shake him. Also, Nico’s homophobic dad, do we really need him there?

    I liked the fluffier Vol 1 better but Vol. 2 also had many poignant moments, like Nico and Fynn’s visit to Nico’s grandfather or Fynn’s mom who knows.

    I love Nico and Fynn. I think they’re cute together and that they finally saw their shooting star but THAT’S IT?!

    More please!


    review of Star Collector Vol. 1 here

    I received a copy of Star Collector Vol. 2 from Tokyo Pop via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

    3 Stars – not exactly setting my world on fire but I liked it

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    REVIEW: Blood & Bitcoin by L.A. Witt

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    Criminal Delights: Organized Crime: Blood & Bitcoin – L.A. Witt

    Chris Emmett has a talent for screwing up and landing on his feet. As a SEAL, he managed to evade bullets and court-martials alike. As an FBI agent, he dodged danger and disciplinary action—right up until he didn’t.

    With his career and freedom hanging in the balance, he’ll do whatever it takes to clean the slate… including an off-the-books deep cover solo mission. 

    The objective: infiltrate the Hive, a complex crime syndicate operating on the dark web, and find out who’s trying to kill Piker, the organization’s enigmatic and strangely alluring Mob boss. 

    The moment he’s pulled into the Hive, Chris enters a world where no one is what they seem, including the man he’s there to protect. Lines blur between moral and wrong, legal and criminal, ally and foe, and—as Piker’s seductive magnetism draws Chris in—straight and queer. 

    Chris is running out of time to stop a killer. He has dangerous feelings for a dangerous man, and the deeper he moves into the realms of modern day organized crime, the less he knows and the fewer people he can trust.

    And that’s before he learns the truth about Piker’s assassin.
    This 104,000 word book is part of CRIMINAL DELIGHTS. Each novel can be read as a standalone and contains a dark M/M romance. For other books in the collection, please see: 
    Criminal Delights Listopia

    Warning: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted.

    L.A. Witt and Michael Ferraiuolo is my favorite author/narrator combination. With them at the helm, you’re almost always guaranteed a thrilling experience.

    Blood & Bitcoin was one hell of a ride but one that didn’t go full throttle the way I wanted it to. This is by far, the lightest among the dark offerings of the Criminal Delights series. The characters make many morally grey decisions and ‘the end justify the means’ actions but as emphasized by Chris, it is for the right reasons. Which is all good because, yeah these are people we can root for but sadly not what was advertised in the blurb aka it needed more blood.

    Also, there were moments where I just about had enough of Chris getting caught one too many times. And Piker forgiving him yet again and again and again. Oh, just shoot him already!

    I absolutely love Piker! The man is lethal and mesmerizing as fuck. His effect on both men and women is palpable. I could definitely understand why Chris was so drawn to him. Michael Ferraiuolo’s Piker voice is really spot on and the slight exotic accent added to the crime lord’s enigmatic appeal. His past remained a mystery throughout the entire book. He’s so mysterious we don’t even get his real name.

    Chris I liked less. He was too reckless. He was bumbling his way through the missions. I don’t know if he is just extremely lucky but his unorthodox methods worked somewhat. It helps that he got more chances than most people would dare ask from a Mafia boss. He and Piker play a dangerously exciting game of Golden Retriever & snake. Who bites who first? And for that matter, are we even sure who is the dog and who is the snake?

    Although the chemistry and USTs between Piker and Chris were always a tantalizing hair trigger away from snapping, the romance needed a little more boost. Majority of the book, it was just mostly sex for them which is meh. But the last quarter of the book made up for the missing feels and convinced me their HFN would eventually be HEA.

    The part about the bitcoin was info dumpy but did not majorly hinder the story. The Hive also got me intrigued about the dark web which I only learned from some hoaky Youtube videos. I’m hoping for a sequel where we get to learn more about Piker, his hacker friends who form The Hive and see if Chris learned to be circumspect.

    Notwithstanding my complaint earlier about the book not being dark, in itself, Blood & Bitcoin is a very enjoyable suspense/thriller. It does not let up on the action and the twists and turns will keep your adrenaline running on high. There were many ever changing threads to unravel and identities to uncover. I had some inkling about Piker’s father but The Big Twist completely caught me off guard. That was, DAMN!

    I recommend Blood & Bitcoin for those into stories about people with the right intentions doing it the wrong way.


    Other Criminal Delights books:
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    Wrong Way Home (review here)

    3.5 Stars – that place between like and love

    Soundtrack: In For The Kill
    Artist: La Roux
    Album: La Roux

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    We can fight our desires, ooh
    But when we start making fires
    We get ever so hot, ooh
    Whether we like it or not
    They say we can love who we trust, ooh
    But what is love without lust?
    Two hearts with accurate devotions, ooh
    What are feelings without emotions?

    I’m going in for the kill
    I’m doing it for a thrill
    Oh, I’m hoping you’ll understand
    And not let go of my hand
    I’m going in for the kill
    I’m doing it for a thrill
    Oh, I’m hoping you’ll understand
    And not let go of my hand

    I hang my hopes out on the line, ooh
    Well, they’d be ready for you in time
    If you leave them out too long, ooh
    They’ll be withered by the sun
    Full stops and exclamation marks, ooh
    My words stumble before I start
    How far can you send emotions? Ooh
    Can this bridge cross the ocean?

    I’m going in for the kill
    I’m doing it for a thrill
    Oh, I’m hoping you’ll understand
    And not let go of my hand
    I’m going in for the kill
    I’m doing it for a thrill
    Oh, I’m hoping you’ll understand
    And not let go of my hand

    Let’s go to war to make peace
    Let’s be cold to create heat
    I hope in darkness we can see
    And you’re not blinded by the light from me

    Ooh I’m going in for the kill
    I’m doing it for a thrill
    Oh, I’m hoping you’ll understand
    And not let go of my hand