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The Agency: Merlin in the Library – Ada Maria Soto

An Agency Short Story

Agent Martin Grove is in pain every minute of the day while his wounds slowly heal. As soon as one injury starts to fade another that was hidden presents itself, but despite that Martin is, above all, a man who appreciates routine. For him that means ‘Merlin’ must return to the regularly scheduled Saturday Children’s’ Story Hour at the library. He’s been absent for too long and his body is still a technicolor canvas of physical damage, but as long as he has his Arthur by his side, he just might make it. 

Last year, His Quiet Agent blew me away with the soft, sweet story of Martin and Arthur. That it is also a wonderfully done ace romance made it unforgettable for me.

Merlin in the Library is the epilogue that follows the aftermath of Martin’s reappearance and it is written in his POV (Thank you, Ada Maria!). Martin was recovering from his injuries and trying to pick up his routines. Arthur has now become an important person in his life and together they continue the Saturday story class.

This is such a lovely follow up.

Still as soft as the first story or perhaps more tender now that we get a glimpse inside Martin’s fragile mental state and his connection with Arthur. I love how the author was able to develop their relationship with a delicate hand in a slow but sure way. It warms my heart to see Arthur and Martin are doing well. I hope we get more stories about them.


Me raving about His Quiet Agent here.


5 Stars – absolutely perfect

Soundtrack: Lost in the Library
Artist: Saint Etienne
Album: The Misadventures of Saint Etienne



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