Fighting your inner demons,
Fighting that inner war.
Not knowing what’s wrong or right.
Asking yourself, “How much more?”

How many more endless questions?
How many more sleepless nights?
How much more can I take,
Of life and it’s enternal fight?

Trying to heal your pain.
Somehow you can break the broken.
People come but never stay.
No one listens to what you’ve spoken.

Love. Trust. Safety. Hope.
It’s gone and fled away.
You have nothing left to your name,
But the scars that always stay.

Inferiorty. This is all you feel.
No matter what you do,
You’re never good enough.
And no one has a clue.

No one knows,
How you tear yourself apart.
They don’t know
About your abused heart.

They’ll never understand
The hate for yourself.
They’ll never see
Your mental health.

You want to believe.
Believe you’re worth something.
Believe you’re a good person.
Believe you’re worth loving.

But the louder voice denies this.
It tells you no one cares.
That you’re a terrible person.
All you’re doing is wasting air.

Inner demons, inner war.
I’m in the middle of it all.
Pulling myself together,
Knowing all I’ll do is fall.

Celine Alesha Chadee

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