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Maigo (Missing Children) – Homerun Ken

1) Lost Children – Koyo Tomohiko and Fukube Naoto are childhood friends. But when Naoto gets a girlfriend and doesn’t have much time for Tomo anymore, Tomo’s pissed! But is friendship the only thing Tomo feels? 2) Diamonds are Forever – Taki Chisato and Kamitori Taichi have been goofing off instead of studying. Now their tutor, Taki’s cousin Atsushi, is punishing them for wrong answers… by making them kiss each other?! 3) Continuation of Diamonds are Forever. Chisato and Taichi are dating, but Taichi wants some of the physical benefits of dating. 4) Golden Star – Third year junior high student Murakami finds himself watching stoic classmate Takahashi play the piano every year for their school chorus. But Murakami really likes akahashi’s voice and wants to hear him sing. 5) Flower Scented – Mushano Kouji is a master wizard who teaches magic to children. But when 36 year old Sakurada Tsukihito asks to be his apprentice, Kouji doesn’t send him away. Sakarada is hopeless with magic, but great with housework, which is just what Kouji needs, but why does this man want to learn magic so badly?

A nice enough collection of mostly school boy stories. The first story was the standout for me but the last one was also cute.


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