The folks at Japanese company Green Supermarket have come up with a cute way of encouraging Japan`s green fingers. With space at a premium in Tokyo and a large proportion of residents living in apartments it is difficult finding any space to grow anything, especially when your apartment doesn’t even have a balcony. The company has come up with ways to utilise residents book cases, table tops and a variety of small spaces. One of their products, Green Story, from the outside looks like an every day book, however when opened it reveals a cute “pop-up” garden complete with pictures and story with a small herb or plant crop.

Another product form the company is Green Dish, what looks like a simple milk carton when lifted up reveals a small “garden” of cress. The packaging is very nicely designed and is a feature in itself, with soft pastel colors that can decorate tables or kitchen areas.

a very cute way of growing plants! makes me want to be a gardener

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