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    REVIEW: The Dichotomy of Angels by N.R. Walker

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    The Dichotomy of Angels – N.R. Walker

    Nathaniel and Chasan are no ordinary angels.

    Destiny chose them to be twin flames, fated mates. But Nathaniel has avoided Chasan for nearly a thousand years.

    When sent to Earth on a mission to live and work together, Nathaniel comes face-to-face with his destiny. Short-tempered, petulant, and grumpy, he hates the idea of being fated to anyone and has chosen an existence of isolation rather than spending time with the calm, kind, and serene Chasan. But now he has no choice.

    One is fire, the other is air; a true dichotomy of angels. Together they will be ignited, or they will be extinguished. This assignment will seal their fate either way.

    Let it be known that all of Heaven speaks with an Australian accent. It is in the business of saving souls.

    Angels are just your regular hard working salarymen assigned to different departments, sometimes to walk among the humans. Saint Peter is in charge. He is their manager. The bosses were all the pantheons known to humanity. They were simply known as ‘Upper Management’.

    The most notorious department is the Hell department where the screams of the damned were absorbed by a machine and turned into tennis balls for dogs. The overseer of Hell is the Angel of Fire named Nathaniel.

    Nathaniel is always angry. No, not just angry. He “wears his rage like an armor” . He is also stubborn, prone to anxiety, and has a tendency to smite. He wears black. His wings are burnt umber. He is beloved by dogs everywhere.

    Chasan is the Angel of Air. He has a cool, calm, serene presence. He sees the good in everything and has a smile for everyone. He wears white. His wings are white with ice blue tips. He is full of heartache.

    Because the Angel of Fire and the Angel of Air were fated to one another. They were twin flames, a phenomena that happened once in a lifetime among beings who lived forever. But Nathaniel condemned Chasan to a life of loneliness by wanting to be alone by himself.

    This is a story of two opposite beings who were made for each other yet stand apart. Where angels questioned their faith and received answers from humans. Where they get drunk, eat takeouts, play with baby goats, teach twenty 4-year-old hellions and sing Octopus’ Garden. Where blood was shed and things come full circle. And most important of all, it is a story where all dogs do indeed go to heaven.

    Let it be known that Heaven is whatever you deserved it to be.


    N.R. Walker is author of some of the best gay romances out there. Read reviews of her books here.

    4.5 Stars โ€“ perfection is only half a step away

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