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    REVIEW: The Bodyguard Book 1 by X. Aratare


    The Artifact: The Bodyguard Book 1 – X. Aratare

    Dane Gareis is a wealthy, reclusive young man with a traumatic past, but a spine of steel. When his father is killed in a mysterious plane crash, Dane carries on the family business and continues his passion for the very antiquity that got his father murdered — a golden sarcophagus belonging to an ancient cult known as the Ydrath.

    Soon, the Ydrath threaten him as well, and Dane seeks to hire a bodyguard he can trust. Someone who can protect him, and someone who will respect his boundaries. While he gets the first two, the third requirement falls apart when he hires Sean Harding.

    Sean Harding is an ex-detective with a sixth sense for danger. After his entire unit was murdered in a drug bust gone very wrong, he is a broken man who thinks only of revenge until he takes the job protecting the Gareis CEO.

    Sean’s attraction to the vulnerable Dane gives him new purpose, but his past is not escaped so easily, and his sixth sense tells him that there is more to the Ydrath than even Dane knows.

    This was 95% fluff, 5% everything else.

    By fluff, I both mean things that were designed to make people squee and unsubstantial fillers designed to make a book longer.

    I normally enjoyed the author’s brand of fluff. When deployed properly, it could work to spectacular results. Witness: The Vampire’s Club. But here, it overwhelmed the story, leaving little room for an interesting backstory to work its magic.

    Book 1 took pains to establish the connection between Dane and Sean but I felt it was too forced. I think the two would have come together more naturally had the book been a longer novel instead of three installments. Giving more page time to the Ydrath and the mysterious ongoings would have made this a stronger start to the serial.

    I don’t know yet where this is heading. I’m not sure if there’s enough hook to make me go for the next installment. But this is X. Aratare we’re talking about here so maybe, just maybe I’ll keep at it.


    X. Aratare books here.

    2.5 Stars – far from hate but not quite a like

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    I rarely post reviews of books lower than 3-stars because usually I can’t be arsed to finish them. Also, I’m such a mood reader that sometimes, no matter how good a book is I still couldn’t finish it if I’m not feeling right.

    So here are more books I lost motivation for or not feeling right now…

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    Broken by Colette Davison

    Rule #1: Keep running.

    I loved the prequel, Unbreakable, and I was expecting more of that fluffy, humorous feel. Broken is angstier which is fine but I wasn’t feeling the chemistry even though I’m midway through already. I liked the Heaven and Hell boys so I would probably get back to this when the mood strikes.

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    Bitter Legacy – Dal Maclean

    Detective Sergeant James Henderson of London’s Metropolitan Police Murder Investigation Team is no ordinary police officer.

    I really felt bad about DNFing this. This was beautifully written, I love the British book feels, the mystery was engaging but gad why does it have to have CHEATING? And not just once but multiple times. I could deal with poly but a blatant disregard for a partner’s feelings who was obviously not okay with an open relationship? I’m definitely walking away.


    The Bodyguard by X. Aratare

    Sean’s attraction to the vulnerable Dane gives him new purpose, but his past is not escaped so easily, and his sixth sense tells him that there is more to the Ydrath than even Dane knows.

    Written in typical X. Aratare style which I loved but unfortunately wasn’t working that well here. It’s so romance-centric that it felt more like nothing was happening, just two guys sending UST vibes to each other. Normally, I would be all over that sort of thing but I was just bored this time. I will get back to this someday because the backbones of the series is interesting enough for me.


    A serial killer stalks the streets of Flint, Ohio. The victims are always found in pairs, one human and one vampire.

    This one was a plain bore. The characters were flat, the dialogues were blah. Even the great Michael Ferraiuolo couldn’t save it.

    (Part 1 here)

    How do you feel about DNFing a book? Are you a mood reader too?

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