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    REVIEW: Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien by Chloe Archer

    Tentacular Tales: Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien – Chloe Archer


    Working for the Alliance is a sci-fi nerd’s dream–aka mine–come true. I’ve even won the heart of my grumpy-sexy alien boyfriend. Nothing can bring me down, baby. I’m walking on freaking sunshine! Except now one of Kai’s douchey AF exes decides to turn up like a bad case of crabs. I don’t trust him one bit. But I’ve got even bigger problems to worry about. Like helping some awesome aliens in trouble, and maybe moving in with Kai, who’s totally going to propose any day now—right? Oh, and my shady relatives might be hiring an assassin to take me out. So, you know, a day in the life of River Sullivan. I’m sure everything’s going to be fine. Won’t it?


    We’ve finally got a new lead on the drug dealer targeting extraterrestrials on Earth. But the more we unravel in this investigation, the less I like it. Outside of work though, things are going amazingly well with my adorable mate–dear galactic gods, how did that happen? But with an ex back in my life and wanting to be friends, and the threat of a potential assassin looming, things are getting a little complicated. I love River with both my hearts—and all five tentacles—but even I’m worried I might not be able to protect him from the dangers ahead. Also, I need to figure out how the heck I’m going to propose to him. River deserves something “epic,” and I don’t want to let him down. Am I going to be able to deliver?

    Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien (Tentacular Tales #2) is a (116,000 words) M/M sci-fi rom com and the second book in the series. It should be read in chronological order. This installment features a pajama party date that will go down in infamy, inappropriate team t-shirts, a half-baked love poem, more Captain Starblade and Lord Vardox, drunken shenanigans courtesy of spaceship moonshine, unexpected mating instincts, plenty of new aliens with problems for River to solve, and tentacles galore. And possibly an epic proposal? This book has an HFN ending and no cheating. Never fear—there is a guaranteed HEA by the end of the series!

    Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien, Book 2 of Tentacular Tales, continues the tentacular shenanigans of interspecies couple River Sullivan and Captain Kai Genaro. It picks up after the events of the second book, where the Alliance is working on the case of drugs being smuggled and illegally used on the resident aliens of Las Vegas. It also moves Kai and River’s relationship forward.

    I’m on the fence with this second book. I understand why the author went with the direction the story went. It makes sense to follow River’s career in the Alliance, as well as clues to his alien heritage, not to mention the riveting, super epic love/hate affair between Captain Starblade and Lord Vardox. It takes a special kind of genius to make me more excited about a fictional couple written by a fictional character than the actual MCs of the story.

    And I enjoyed watching River deploy his crazy ideas to help aliens integrate better in human society. The fact that he genuinely wants to help the displaced aliens, and his ideas are ingenious and effective are points in his favor.

    But I also want the series to follow a different couple per installment. I am dying to read about the notorious playboy Mel winning over the demisexual Big Lebowsky, Uncle Benjie. And the petite but spicy twink, Evan, seducing the hulking blue virgin alien, Zion.

    I am sad to say the book was too long with a saggy middle I struggled to go through. And because I am extra bitter about recent anxiety-inducing events in my work-life, I am not happy with how Kai is frequently put in embarrassing situations supposedly in the name of love. I sympathized with Kai at how even his mother relishes her son’s humiliations. All because he’s the introvert of the family, and introverts are always being forced out of their shells.

    Kai is a grump but he’s a good guy. It was endearing how he wants to be a better person for River. Personally, I think it is River who should learn to reign it in sometimes. (Again, don’t mind me. I am just tired of loud people right now.)

    Happily, the story picked up at the third arc. The Magic Mike climax really brought the energy up several notches. Those multi-colored aliens sure knew how to bring the house down! This is why I love River’s wacky ideas!

    Can’t Help Falling in Love with an Alien is an entertaining sequel (especially when I am in a better frame of mind). I’m in it for Kai and the rest of the not-so-loud characters, humans and aliens alike. Most especially the hotter-than-blue-stars romance between Captain Starblade and Lord Vardox. It’s a book that needs to be written, and its going to be out of this world! So please, please, please write it, Chloe Archer!

    3.5 Stars – that place between like and love

    Soundtrack: Alien Lover
    Artist: Luscious Jackson
    Album: Electric Honey


    Tentacular Tales must be read in order. Witness a relentless courtship, a sci-fi erotica gone viral, and an intergalactic Tom Jones in It’s Not Unusual To Be Loved by an Alien

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    REVIEW: It’s Not Unusual To Be Loved by an Alien by Chloe Archer

    Tentacular Tales: It’s Not Unusual To Be Loved by an Alien – Chloe Archer

    A sexy alien living incognito on Earth meets a sci-fi loving nerd who wants to rock his universe. What could possibly go wrong? Besides the unexpected tentacles and the accidental Mating Courtship Ritual, that is….


    As a bona fide sci-fi nerd and total X-phile—the truth is out there—I’ve always believed in aliens. Duh. But I never thought I’d actually find them on Earth–let alone right here in Las Vegas! Now I’ve stumbled onto a big freakin’ secret and found my very own hot AF alien. I’m head over heels, but he’s being a total grump and holding back. How do I make him realize a geeky sunshine guy like me is just what he needs in his life? Did I mention he also has tentacles?!?! #HolyHentaiFantasyBatman #SwoonworthyAlien #SignMeUpSugar #MakeItSo #VivaLasVegas


    The last thing I need in my life is a chatterbox twink who’s determined to woo me and could expose the secret existence of aliens on Earth to all humankind. Everything about him annoys me, including his stupidly attractive halo of golden curls and his bright green ‘come hither’ eyes. To make matters worse, he’s been recruited to work for the alien Alliance on Earth, and I’m assigned to keep him out of trouble. I don’t care how attractive he is. I don’t date humans! Except, my tentacles may have accidentally started the Mating Courtship Ritual with him…

    It’s Not Unusual To Be Loved by an Alien (Tentacular Tales #1) is a (102,000 words) M/M sci-fi rom com featuring an adorkable twink with unexpected secrets and a slight obsession with extraterrestrials, the reluctant alien he wants to make his boo, tentacles with a mind of their own, zany extraterrestrial shenanigans in Sin City, and enough humor to fill an entire spaceship. This is the first book in the series. There is no cheating, and this book ends with a HFN. Never fear, the series guarantees readers an HEA by the end!

    The truth is out there, and they come with tentacles! You know what this means…

    River Sullivan, sci-fi nerd, and hyper-energized twink, came face to face with his hentai fantasy in this hilarious sci-fi romance, It’s Not Unusual To Be Love By An Alien. So of course, he pretty much threw himself at it.

    Captain Kai Genaro of the alien alliance secretly located on earth didn’t know what to do with the strange human whose memory he couldn’t erase. He even busted out his tentacles to perform the most powerful mind-erasing technique in his arsenal, but River seemed to be immune even to that. Unbeknownst to both, this kicked off the Mating Courtship Ritual.

    The story is in alternate POVs of River and Kai. As an aspiring writer, River’s chapters open with excerpts from his ultra-smutty sci-fi serial about a dashing hero and his temptingly tentacular arch-nemesis. He posts this on his blog, not really expecting many people would bother with it. Guess who reads his porn.

    Kai’s chapters opens with informative instructions on his species’ Mating Courtship Ritual, which amused me so much because the grumpy dork is unwittingly performing each step while valiantly fighting his insane attraction to the captivating human. It didn’t help that River was mercilessly flirting with him. And conniving with Kai’s smarmy brother to make him jealous.

    Kai is my favorite character. A well-respected leader and the best mind eraser of the alliance, he can be brusque and grumpy at first. He put up quite a fight, but River is an unstoppable force. When he became honest about his feelings and got his shit together, he turned out to be a sweet alien boyfriend. And he’s cute when he’s flustered or when River makes him smile or laugh.

    River I had to get use to. The humor here reminds me of Alice Winters, like River being sooo extra everything. I found his non-stop blabbering exhausting, I nearly stopped reading. But later on, I did warm up to him. Especially when he showed how creatively he could handle alien/human crises. What I liked best about River is that instead of freaking out about alien existence, he not only embraced the whole thing, but became one with it.

    While the main storyline is the hella adorable courtship between River and Kai, there’s a mini-mystery regarding River’s identity. Also, they are working on the case of aliens being drugged. And there’s a potentially yummy romance between River’s super laidback Uncle Benji and Kai’s charming brother, Mal.

    The plot is mostly humor, family and alien interactions, and surprisingly, littler-than-expected tentacular shenanigans. The slow burn is preferable for me because the fun is in the courtship and the USTs they generate. Also, River might be flirty AF, but our boy is not giving up his ass until the captain gets his in gear. Attaboy!

    It also has a stellar supporting cast, starting with the chibi but feisty Evan, River’s BFF, Kai’s parents who were opposites in personality yet madly in love, Uncle Benji, who looks like Keanu Reeves, and vibes like The Dude in The Big Lebowski, and Mal, Kai’s brother who I hope gets his own book with Uncle Benji. And yes, Mr. Tom Jones.

    The author made the perfect choice in the narrator Greg Boudreaux. This story is the kind of crazy mayhem he excels. Even with a spaceship full of cast, he made each personality shine and emoted the heck out of everyone. I recommend audiobooking this.

    It’s Not Unusual To Be Loved By An Alien is a silly little tale of a smitten alien’s ridiculously awkward yet adorably sweet wooing of a human, and one sci-fi nerd’s dream coming true in more ways than he expected. Overall, a sassy, snarky, and swoony alien romance that’s certainly more than the sum of its tentacles!

    4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits

    Soundtrack: Alien Boyfriend
    Artist: Gregory Dillon

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    It’s Not Unusual To Be Loved by an AlienUS | UK

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