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    MANGA: One Room Angel

    One Room Angel – Harada

    When one door shuts, another opens.

    There are a lot of things that Kouki doesn’t have – no hobbies, no friends, no lover, no stable job, and no will to live. So when a random tussle with some kids gets him stabbed, he thinks maybe this is finally his ticket out of this crappy life. But just as he’s about to pass out he sees a beautiful “angel”… How is Kouki supposed to cope when less than a month later, he’s mysteriously healed, has astronomical bills to pay, and suddenly has the same beautiful angel as his amnesiac roommate?

    This is the kind of manga where you know it would end bittersweetly once the realizations set in to twist the story. I never saw them coming.

    One Room Angel is the story of down-on-his-luck, perpetually penniless, part-timer Kouki who lives in a one room studio apartment. He has a scary face, fabulously messy hair (love his hair!) and a prison record that made it hard for him to land a decent job.

    One day, Kouki was stabbed and as he lay dying, he saw an angel descending from the sky. Later on, he saw the same angel appear in his room. Thinking this is the luckiest he could ever get, he took the angel in and tried his best to make him comfortable.

    The angel turned out to be blunt and bratty but I love that he never failed to point out that Kouki is a good person. Especially during moments when the man was being too hard on himself. Despite his intimidating appearance, Kouki struggled with his self-esteem. He is also dealing with guilt about his past and how his brother was badly injured and ended up as a yakuza because of him.

    Another unconventional character here was Arisa, Kouki’s mother. She is impossibly youthful and very beautiful but has the personality of a delinquent. She runs a bar. She’s tough but she cares. She sometimes sends Kouki money when he’s down to his last penny.

    This is one of the purest, gentlest, slow-burn love story out there. I don’t even think of it as romance. It is really about two disparate individuals who shared small kindnesses, developed a strong connection and saw the good other people overlooked. It also a deeply nuanced story about one man’s eye-opening journey to find things worth living for.

    Yes, this might end in tears but luckily, we are gifted with chapter 8.

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    MANGA: Bitter Like Light

    Bitter Like Light – Nago Nayuta

    A Like a Sugar Spinoff featuring Morisaki and Taguchi.

    Cheerful, soft-hearted Morisaki and cool, silent Taguchi have been friends and lovers since their high school years. While their relationship has not been without its challenges, they’ve managed to get past them and live happily together…

    But they’re not actually “living together,” unlike their friends Yoshimura and Shima, who shacked up halfway through their college life. Will their friends’ decision inspire Morisaki and Taguchi to start thinking about their future?

    The volume comes with an extra story of Morisaki and Taguchi getting it on in the hot springs!

    Bitter Like Light is the spinoff of Like A Sugar which I have yet to read. It opens with an atypical third party POV where a young uni student frequently hears his next door neighbor having sex with his girlfriend. He secretly admires and cheers his neighbor on only to later discover, the girlfriend was a boyfriend.

    Then the POV shifts to both MCs , two high school friends turned lovers. They had opposite personalities. Taguchi was impossibly cool and unflappable while Morisaki was the more excitable and blushy one.

    The story depicts their relationship’s progress through day to day as they interact with friends, plot their future careers and internally agonize over living arrangements when they see their other couple friends from Like A Sugar moving in together.

    Went gaga over Taguchi who looked like Kuroo from Haikyuu!!! His cool as a cucumber persona was virtually impossible to break leading his boyfriend to scheme how to break his composure. The great thing here is that while he is indeed super chill, he’s not a frosty asshole. He’s a really nice guy and you can clearly see he adores Morisaki. Because Morisaki IS adorbs!

    The neighbor appeared a few more times in the story. He became friends with the couple and even offered support. I hope he gets his own gay-for-you moment.

    I love the art, especially the character designs. It matches the character personalities. Overall, the manga was executed really well both visually and story-wise.

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    MANGA: Kimi ni wa Fureru to Naru Toko ga Atte

    Kimi ni wa Fureru to Naru Toko ga Atte – Hayane Dento

    Touji is an average high school student who is terrible at dealing with people and struggles with physical contact. On one rainy day, all of Touji’s struggles come to a head when he encounters Itsuki Yato, a fellow classmate who touches him casually even when they first meet. Even though Touji isn’t great at socializing, Itsuki goes out of his way to talk to him and spend time with him. Gradually, Touji starts to want to learn more about Itsuki…

    Every Time We Touch, I Hear That Sound is a slow-burn, friends to lovers manga with a gentle, peaceful vibe of lazy summer afternoons.

    Introverted, socially awkward Touji meets extroverted, touchy-feely Itsuki on a crowded train when Itsuki’s earbuds tangled with Touji’s button. The two struck up a friendship. Or more like, Itsuki decided to adopt the shy high schooler.

    Itsuki’s sunny personality and talkative nature drew Touji to him. I love how he saw beyond Touji’s fumbling attempts to converse to the true personality hidden underneath. He helped give him the courage to come out of his shell.

    The two lived near a mountain. Touji is most comfortable when exploring. His character shone the brightest when he is at home on the slopes.

    I love how these two boys were connected by the local festival. This is where things came full circle and where Touji showed his mettle and Itsuki found his god.

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    MANGA: Machigitsune to Hito no Ko

    Machigitsune to Hito no Ko – Nmura

    1920, the 9th year of the Taisho era.

    Kiyo Fukasaku, a student freshly admitted into the Imperial University, lost his way while heading to his rental dormitory and met a man named Ozaki.

    Ozaki, who lived in a huge mansion, learned of Kiyo’s financial troubles, and invited him to live in his mansion. However, Ozaki had many secrets—he was a fox spirit in human form, and he had invited Kiyo to live with him as a way to repay his debt to Kiyo’s grandfather, Seishirou.

    The two continue living together, surrounded by secrets.

    The Waiting Fox and the Human Child is a slow-burn, age-gap love story between a fox spirit and a university student. It had the makings of something great but was failed to deliver a convincing connection between Ozaki and Kiyo.

    Ozaki was too distant. The usual subtle romantic development frequently present in BL manga was there. This is something I truly enjoy about the genre but here, it wasn’t enough to convey what strong feelings were there.

    I wasn’t that interested in Kiyo either. I was more keen on the grandfather and Ozaki’s shared history. The grandfather had more personality. Too bad, he died young.

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    MANGA: Tonari Ni

    Tonari Ni – Basso

    The first time he saw him, Tohru was on his way home from his hobby of taking photos. He’s queued for the Shinkansen’s unreserved seating, just right next to him…

    Seven years after her previous work, “Naka-san no Nagare,” the latest BL from basso is finally here!

    I am of the opinion that when it comes to slice-of-life, nothing beats Japanese authors at the game.

    Next To You is a perfect example of this. It is a story of a young man crushing hard on a much older man he saw at the train station. Tohru is a photography hobbyist who loves taking pictures of race horses. He chanced upon Makoto at the train station who made an strong impression on him. He couldn’t get the older man out of his mind. He saw him several times until one day, Makoto struck up a conversation. He turned out to be a nice, amiable fellow.

    Many of the scenes here were pretty mundane, just standing around waiting for the train, sitting inside the train, sharing a couple of beers, brushing teeth and so on. But somehow, it encapsulated a whole gamut of emotions simmering beneath such trivial ongoings.

    The mangaka was able to perfectly capture that exhilarating thrill of seeing your crush once again when you least expected it, the fervent longings of a young man who realized he was in love, the heartbreaking helplessness of seeing the one you love getting hurt and not being able to do something to help him. All of which was done without breaking the soft, subtle atmosphere that was reflected in the gentle idiosyncratic art.

    There’s something really pure about this manga. Truly beautiful!

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    MANGA: Just When I Thought I Came Here to Die

    Just When I Thought I Came Here to Die – Matsukura Yuuko

    When our protagonist came to an abandoned house to commit suicide, the house owner may have something to say about that.

    OMG!!! This is a riot!

    So a young man was just fired from work and was dumped by his girlfriend on the same day. He tried to kill himself but was stopped by a sudden appearance of a mysterious masked man. Said masked man then proceeded to feed and house said young man. Stockholm Syndrome a.k.a. feels ensued…

    So imagine Jason Voorhees was gay and fell in love with a guy who was about to kill himself. The manga breezed through suicide, murder, Stockholm Syndrome, psychological trauma, blood and other heavy topics in such a ridiculous, tongue-in-cheek way.

    You couldn’t help but root for our dysfunctional couple as they navigate through unmasking (yeah, the guy’s face was nasty but our boy quickly got over it), the dark past and the taking it to the next level moment, where our boy tried to get his monster boyfriend in the mood with some kinky nurse cosplay to hilarious results.

    This silly little one-shot is comedy gold!

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    MANGA: Kitsune no Natsu

    Kitsune no Natsu – Nacolat

    Norihiro returns to his hometown during summer vacation with a lingering feeling that something is calling to him. On the way back home, Norihiro encounters a mysterious fox man in a wedding dress waiting for him. Who is this fox and why does he want to “consummate” their marriage!?

    The Summer of the Fox is a cute paranormal tale between a young man, Norihiro and his childhood friend, the fox spirit, Tsunetsuki.

    Tsune patiently waited years for Norihiro to come back to him and fulfill his promise. This one-shot is filled with melancholy, longing and yearning but also nostalgic joy as the Norihiro remembers playing with the fox during summers past.

    It is an explicit manga. We get the graphic details of them consummating their marriage.

    I like the artwork. Tsune is pretty. Even with only one chapter, the manga was able to tell a complete story. But it also left me wishing this is a full length volume.

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    MANGA: Doukyuusei Seikatsu

    Doukyuusei Seikatsu – Kinoshita Keiko

    Mizuno and Mitazon were middle school classmates with polar opposite personalities. One day, years later, Mitazon calls Mizuno up to help take care of some stray kittens. Mizuno agrees to stay in his house to look after the kittens for a short while. This is living together with a classmate!

    Kinoshita Keiko has been mostly hit or miss with me. Classmate Living is definitely a hit. It’s a childhood friends to lovers story, a slow burn romance between two middle school classmates who somehow maintained a connection up to adulthood despite separate schools.

    Mitazon is a poker-faced tsundere who is adorbs when flustered. Mizuno is the more outgoing of the two. I am so happy this was written in his POV. Typically, we get the story from the POV of the one pining for the other person. Seeing the romance unfold through the eyes of the one pined for is a refreshing take on the trope.

    The atmosphere is gentle and the artwork matched that vibe. The pacing was great, never too slow or fast with each scene executed just right. For me, this is the mangaka’s best work to date.

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    MANGA: Keppeki Danshi Kouryakuhou

    Keppeki Danshi Kouryakuhou – Pipipi

    Takumi is a neat freak who shies away from touching others, while Sakura is a goofball who tends to overstep personal boundaries. Even though it pains him to do so, smart and successful Takumi finds himself tutoring Sakura on a regular basis. Over the course of their study sessions, they finally start to break the ice. But then, Takumi discovers that Sakura is actually a…

    The love story of a guy with no sense of personal space and a stoic student council member trying to overcome germaphobia.

    How To Cure A Germophobe might be inspired by that other super famous manga about a doctor and a germophobe. This manga though is a more light-hearted take featuring two high schoolers who couldn’t be more opposite in personalities.

    Takumi is a serious, no nonsense, straight A student and the Student Council president to boot. Sakura is a goofy, clingy student who copies other people’s homework. Sakura is forever trying to copy from Takumi who decided to tutor him. This is where the fun starts.

    At first, I was put off by how loud Takumi and Sakura were. There were scream balloons everywhere and I thought the manga was trying too hard to be funny. Then came the twists…

    It was a nice departure from the usual archetypes. The story is about how a person’s image could be vastly different from reality. It did a good job portraying that theme.

    The romance happened under the guise of curing one of the characters from his germophobia. So how it played out was they kissed and went on dates so that the germophobe would get used to being touched. I was unsure whether the character who instigated this had feelings for the other boy before hand or if his intentions were purely to help the other get over his fears. I wasn’t a fan of the execution. It felt like there was something missing.

    The art is really pretty though. The character designs were cute. And holy heck, casual Takumi is hot Takumi!