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MANGA: Enishi Majiwaru Haguremono

Enishi Majiwaru Haguremono – Tobi Washio

Kazusa, an exorcist gifted with strong spiritual powers, is spirited away by a Crow Tengu on his way back from a case. Nagi’s brilliant white feathers brand him an outcast from his people, but he has a plan: become stronger by siphoning the essence of a powerful exorcist… through the bond of sex.

Outcasts Bound by Fate is a paranormal romance between two traditional enemies, an exorcist and a crow yokai called tengu.

It all started when village pariah Nagi hatched a hair-brained scheme to strengthen his powers by sexually bonding with a young but powerful exorcist, Kazusa. And being powerful, Kazusa thwarted the white tengu’s advances repeatedly, though Nagi kept coming back night after night. Later, Kazusa recognized a kindred spirit and offered his friendship, which soon blossomed into something more.

Both MCs are outcasts since childhood, Nagi for being an albino and Kazusa for his supernatural abilities. The exorcist was dropped off the temple when he was still a child, and his parents quickly washed their hands of him. The tengu, though known to have strong wind powers, was nearly kicked out of his village if not for the village elder’s decision to let him stay.

The story is sweet and super funny, with an undercurrent of sadness that made me root hard for our outcast lovers. Nagi is stunning, hella gorgeous, and the perfect tengu seme. There’s not a lot of tengu boyfriends around, but this crow yokai adores his human, and it’s swoony AF!

And I loved Nagi for being the first to open his heart to a lonely tengu no one wants. And he might be a virgin, but he’s no shrinking violet. There’s lots of steam once Kazusa gets over his initial virginal hesitations. Plus, our boy’s a fighter who stormed an entire village to find his tengu after Nagi went missing!

All in all, a fateful tale full of laughs and feels!

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