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    MANGA: Bros.

    Bros. – Tobi Washio

    A cute little brother suddenly became a beast. “Little brother, don’t you have something to tell me?” “You’re one to talk!” Yusuke and Tokio are brothers living together in their parents’ house during their absence. One night they have an unexpected encounter in the city, and their secret is revealed: Yusuke is gay, and Tokio is bi. Even though it was a choking discovery, Yusuke keeps trying to play the good older brother role, while the younger brother Tokio can’t see him with the same eyes anymore. The love battle between a poker face brother and another that has a soft spot for bad men begins!

    Bros. is brother complex turned brotherly love with the usual caveat to make the taboo more palatable. Rarely does this trope employ actual brothers.

    Big brother Yusuke wears his heart on his sleeve, is a bit of a doofus, unlucky with men, and determines to be the bestest big brother to poker-faced Tokio, a surly guy with an aggressive streak. Things took a turn when the brothers bumped into each other one night with their male dates. It surprised the heck out of them to know they are both queers, and Tokio started seeing his brother in a different light.

    Tokio is one of those semes who dub-cons his way into things. The transition from brothers to lovers was done in a brilliant cliffhanger which would have been effective if I hadn’t seen it so many times already.

    The brother side of their relationship was actually more endearing because Yusuke is such a doting big brother. He’s very conflicted but it doesn’t stop him from taking care of Tokio like he always has.

    The overall execution was good but lacked the oomph to make the story more memorable for me. If brotherly love is your jam, this one’s tasty enough.

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