NEW RELEASE BLITZ: Fox Hounds By Lia Connor (Excerpt & Giveaway)

Title: Fox Hounds

Author: Lia Connor

Publisher: Changeling Press

Cover Artist: Renee’ George

Release Date: March 15, 2024

Heat Level: 4 – Lots of Sex

Pairing: Male/Male/Male/Female

Length: 45 pages

Genre: Action Adventure, New Releases, Paranormal Women’s Fiction, Romance, Romantic Comedy

Themes: 20th Century, Big Beautiful Women, Bisexual, Multisexual, & Pansexual, Multicultural & Interracial, Multiple Partners, Reverse Harem, Second Edition, Shapeshifters

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Foxy Lady…

Reyna’s a skilled thief and the lightest-fingered pickpocket around. Several professionals would love to have her on their side, if only to be able to keep an eye on her. What they don’t know is that Reyna’s nickname isn’t just fantasy — she’s a shapeshifting fox and as clever and wily as they come. No one can catch her if she doesn’t want to be caught, and so far no one’s come close to winning her over.

Not, that is, until the hounds pick up her trail. Jonas, Si and Boone, lovers as well as skilled tricksters, have the Fox’s scent and they intend to woo her, outsmart her and win her to their team. As hounds in name as well as in shapeshifting nature, they know they’re just as good at getting the job done as Reyna is. All they have to do is catch this thief and get her not only on their side, but in their shared bed.

And they won’t give up until they get the job done.


Fox Hounds
Second Edition
Lia Connor
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2024 Lia Connor

Three dogs climbing from an alley to the third-floor balcony of a nightclub would, Jonas knew, have raised a few eyebrows. If anyone had been around to see what happened next, they’d probably have fainted.

Three dogs clustered together on the roof, nosing one another in approval. One morphic flash later — a sight that’d make any human’s eyes water and their head ache — and three men crouched above the club — and more importantly, beneath a window.

Jonas tested the surface of the glass. “Bulletproof and cutter-proof. Gotta hand it to the owners. They think they know their security.”

“Want to try the lock picks?” Si patted his pocket. He’d concealed his tools so well that unless someone stripped him bare they wouldn’t have known he had anything more dangerous on him than his charming smile.

“No.” Jonas studied the window. He rolled his sleeves up to mid-forearm. “I think this might just work better.” He lifted and the window rose smoothly as silk. The ripe scent of perfume, gin and sex from the club rolled out in powerful waves. “It’s like they bathe in it. Eau de Horny.”

Si wasn’t listening. “Wait, the window’s unlocked? No alarms, no sirens, no pepper gas booby traps? Someone knew we were coming.”

“I’d say it’s likely. I’d even say it was the Fox.”

Si swore softly and with great respect.

“Sounds like she’s throwing a party to welcome us, too. Listen to that racket, would you? No better place to hide than in a crowd,” Jonas said. “Nothing beats a classy lady except a crafty classy dame.”

“There’s got to be at least a hundred people in there,” Boone said in awe. He bumped shoulders with Si and head-butted Jonas in the arm. “Do you think they know what she is?”

“Doubtful. The Fox likes playing human.” Jonas scratched idly behind Boone’s ear. “Besides, doesn’t matter. She’s led us on a wild chase, but the end game is going to be one hundred percent worth it. Two forms and they both have their uses, boys. We found the Fox’s current den on all fours, and now we sweep her off her feet as men.”

“So you say. I don’t think it’s going to be that easy,” Si objected. “Fox is the best thief on the West Coast, acknowledged by all, so God only knows how many offers –“

“And threats,” Boone butted in soberly.

“– and threats,” Si agreed, “she must have turned down before us. I’d bet dozens have tried and failed to get her on their low-down teams.”

“Probably, but they’re not us.” Jonas lifted the window fully open. Sufficiently tall and wide enough to admit three full-grown conmen, even if one of them was Boone, who’d played fullback before his teammates became aware of his half-canine nature and drop-kicked him off the team. “Here’s where the hunt really gets fun. Trust me. Have I ever led you wrong?”

Si grumbled under his breath, then said, louder, “You know, someday you’re going to be wrong. I just hope I’m fast enough to stay ahead of the shock wave of shit when that day comes along.”

“You know how I know you love the biz?” Jonas ruminated. “The happier you get, the louder you complain. Right now, you’re almost ecstatic. You’d shrivel up and die without this to keep you feeling lively. That, and you think the sun rises and sets on me.”

“Don’t push your luck.”

“I never stop. Life without risk isn’t life at all.” Jonas nuzzled the corner of Si’s mouth. “Don’t try to con a conman.”

Si rolled his eyes, but despite that he bit and licked at Jonas’s lips, teasing him around for a proper kiss, dirty, wet, tongues sliding together.

“Careful you two don’t get carried away and fall,” Boone rumbled, ever protective even when amused. “It’s a long way down and even shapeshifters go splat.”

“Yep, that’ll kill the mood.” Si nudged Boone’s chest. Lightly.

“Settle down, boys.” Jonas poked his head through the window to assess the room beyond. “Empty. I’m betting it’s for storage. Sounds like the party’s directly below, too.”

“A room full of L.A.’s brightest and most beautiful pretending to be bad boys and girls,” Si said. “I like it.”

“I like the chase.” Jonas breathed in, searching for a trace of the Fox’s unique, tantalizing scent. “Once we’re inside, you follow my every signal. This is a three-pronged attack and I need you both sharp if we want the Fox to take our bait.”

“You honestly think we have a shot at getting her on our team?” Boone asked dubiously.

Jonas turned, his balance perfect, to take Boone by the nape and kiss him quiet. “That was for luck, but if you ask me, I think we have as good a chance as any. Maybe better. We have something she wants. You lose all the battles you don’t even try to win.”

Boone grinned big and bright. “That’s good enough for me.”

“I knew I could count on you.” Jonas held out his fist for his hounds to bump knuckles on. “One for all, and all for one. Let’s catch ourselves a Fox.”

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Meet the Author

Lia Connor lives in the South, but her job takes her almost everywhere but. Her laptop is her best friend. Lia loves stories about BBW’s, hot, hot, hot threesomes and wily shifters who get into (and out of) all kinds of trouble…


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