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Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway:
By April Kelley


Dragon Skull MC Daddies, Book 1

One is his enemy. The other is his fated mate. Daruss has never had so much to fight for.

Dragon shifter Daruss Oyen has everything to lose. After a rival club starts a war over territory, Daruss is there to fight for the family he’s found. But everything changes after he falls in love with a snarky human named Jude, who happens to be the rival club’s spy.

While he’s determined to keep Dragon Skull MC together and somehow get his boy back, he meets his fated mate along the way. Daruss wonders if a sweet and innocent college graduate could ever go for bad boy biker like him.

But when Jude and Raylee are threatened, Daruss and the Dragon Skulls will have to win the fight if they’re going to make it out alive.

Daruss is the first novel in the Dragon Skulls MC Daddies. This steamy Paranormal Romance features a dragon shifter Daddy who’s even more dangerous with his biker family by his side, a sassy human who’s lived a hard life and will do anything to protect a sweet guy like his Daddy’s fated mate, and an innocent college grad who know nothing about bad boys and Daddies. If you like a lot of sexy time between a Daddy and his boys with a happily ever after and danger thrown in, then you’ll love this spicy romance.

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The club was always packed on the weekends. More than just members were allowed to party. Non-members paid for their drinks as well as for other things if someone wanted to take part.

They were getting enough outsiders for Daruss to consider charging for entry. He’d have to bring it up with the guys to see what they thought. They had enough income streams and made a good enough living that every member got a piece of the pie. Charging for entry would put even more money in their pockets.

Skippy was on bouncer duty. There was always one asshole who put his hands on one of the boys. Everyone knew the Dragon Skulls didn’t allow unwanted touches, looks, or anything else for that matter. But a newbie would come along and mess up. Skippy was spoiling for a fight on a normal day. Whenever it was his turn to watch over everyone the cops were called. It had gotten so bad the sheriff called Daruss once a month to get the schedule.

For the time being everyone was having a good time though.

Casper, their resident bartender, had one of the other members help on the weekend. They split the tips and the cash Daruss gave them after the night was over.

Most of the time, whoever helped did so because they needed the money. But Jonik was the one behind the bar with Casper. Daruss knew money didn’t factor in for him.

Jonik had met his mate not long ago. The bonding was fresh. The little guy had a lot of trauma to work through. Part of the process was reacclimating back into society. But the Dragon Skulls clubhouse wasn’t a normal place to be. Still, Jonik’s mate, Wren, sat on a stool behind the bar and watched every move Jonik made as if he thought he would disappear if Wren didn’t keep an eye on him.

Jonik set him up at the music thing they had in the corner. It wasn’t DJ equipment so much as someone’s cellphone hooked up to Bluetooth playing music through the speakers. It worked well enough. Wren did a fantastic job of picking the right tunes for the vibe of the room.

Even Daruss’s boy was dancing. Jude didn’t always. He preferred to drive Daruss crazy with lust by sitting on his lap and grinding against him. Of course, Jude’s idea of dancing was to shimmy and shake as he bent at the waist. Daruss had a front row seat to bare ass cheeks jiggling like they meant business.

Daruss was five seconds away from kicking out whoever was in the club bedroom and having his way with him—that was Jude’s goal.

When Jude danced his way to a standing position again and turned, Daruss crooked his finger and patted his thigh, inviting Jude to come sit on his lap.

Jude grinned and started to close the distance between them. He hadn’t quite made it off the dance floor when an outsider grabbed his arm. Jude’s smile stayed in place for about a second and then he scowled. He said something, pointing to Daruss.

When Jude tried to pull his arm out of the guy’s grasp Daruss was up and out of his seat. Daruss had the man by the throat before he knew what was happening.

People moved out of the way when Daruss lifted him off his feet and carried him to the door. Several of the outsiders’ eyes were wide. There were a lot of humans in the crowd. More than on a normal night. They didn’t know about dragon shifters, so they hadn’t expected that level of strength from Daruss. Especially not with such a big person.

As soon as Daruss was outside, he dropped the guy and then crouched in front of him, letting his eyes and hands shift. “No means no inside the club.”

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April Kelley writes LGBTQ+ Romance. Her works include The Journey of Jimini Renn, a Rainbow Awards finalist, Whispers of Home, the Saint Lakes series, and over thirty more. Since writing her first story at ten, the characters in her head still won’t stop telling their stories. If April isn’t reading or writing, you can find her playing with her cats. She also loves hiking. Her cats are leash trained so they go with her wherever she goes.

Connect with April:
Website: https://www.authoraprilkelley.com/
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