Pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday.

Found this tag on Read Rant Rock & Roll. This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. 

Last week’s song: Say Goodbye by Future Islands

This week’s song: Gift Horse by IDLES


Sinew exploding from chrome hooves
Where we’re going we don’t need glue
Can he run in a tutu
He looks a little long in the gold tooth
Watch my steed go far

Look at him go!

My steed sees how dreams are made
He’s my dream like I just got paid
No joy ride fee it’s free today
We don’t care what the people say
Cause he moves like a generator
He puts the foot down and see you later
Somebody call up the undertaker
Handing out passes to meet your maker
See my steed go far

Look at him go!

My baby she’s so raw
I give her love and she gives me more
Ask us to kneel and bow to the floor
She say no and she ask what for
My baby she so strong
She talks me straight when I’m doing wrong
Ask us to sing your empire songs
She laugh tells you where I’m from
My baby she so great
I wake up grateful every day
My baby is beautiful
All is love and love is all

Fuck the king
He ain’t the king
She’s the king

Look at him go!

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