SERIES TOUR: The Félidés Clan by Jae Greyn (Giveaway)


The Félidés Clan series by Jae Greyn

Birth is only the beginning…

The books are not standalone and need to be read in order.

Each book ends on a cliffhanger.

Overall Heat Rating for the series: 3-4 flames

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Book Title: Nothing Burns Like Time

Length: 95 pages

Release Date: July 21, 2023

Genre: MM Paranormal Fantasy

Tropes: Fighting to be together, fight for survival

The book ends on a cliffhanger.


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Raven, Justice of Gemini, wanted nothing to do with the problems other gods created. He’d settled down in a quiet corner of The Veil, kept to himself, and continued to do his job. His twin, Scot, had become a jaded player in the name of boredom, and Raven had given up on any hope of dating until he met Cyan, a beautiful young God, thrust into an impossible position.

Cyan, lord Ether and son of the Source, never thought about love until Raven saved him in a fight with Vampires.

All they want is the next date, but the goddess of Time has other ideas. She wants Gemini dead by any means necessary. She thrusts them into a war that pits born gods against demigods, taking sibling rivalry to a brand new level.

This is only the beginning for The Félidés Clan. Who will survive, and will Raven and Cyan have the second date?


Book Title: Predator’s Patience (#1.5)

Length:  151 pages

Release Date: September 8, 2023

Genre: MM paranormal romantasy

Trope:  Time Travel


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Cyan Revy FeLiSe has one beautiful afternoon with Raven, Justice of Gemini. He returns home and discovers the gods are going to war. Raven doesn’t answer when Cy calls; the number belongs to someone else. Cy pretends he isn’t hurt, but he’s devastated. And then, the god Chaos, makes an extraordinary request. He wants Cy to find his sons.

Time doesn’t flow the same in the Garden, and Cy doesn’t know the war has started, ended, and begun again. His mother, The Source of All Things, disagreed with the outcome the first time around. Several of his brothers died, and Raven and Scot had to be born again.

Cy agrees to help Chaos find them, which leads them all from one Plane to another, trying to stop Gi, the goddess of Time, from tearing them apart. Within these pages is the story of Raven and Cyan. Journals and private memories between the couple who are just trying to find each other.


Book Title: Madness And Majick

Length:  78 pages

Release Date: August 21, 2023

Genre: MM Paranormal Romantasy

Trope: Finding love


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Dear me,

One time goddess named Gi started a war with my papas, Justice and War of Gemini. For some stupid reason, she assumed birth would make them lower than demigod.

In truth, it only made them angry.

They signed a contract to judge someone, and part of that agreement was kids. Nyx, the god of Peace, and one of my grandparents would only help if my dads had kids with a suitable female. He’s only asshat number two.

Number three would be my not-so-lovely Aunt CattyWhack, um, Catori, who has trapped my papas in the Veil club, which is under a Time spell, where every night is Samhain. She’s trying to kill them.

Then there is me, who’s never been without my twin. We’ve shared everything but boyfriends since the womb, and suddenly he’s somewhere else, and I’m stuck in The Veil, alone, living in a hotel suite, until my papas are free.

Syra, The Source of All Things, and my honorary grandma, because family ain’t always blood, gave me a job to do.

And I’m trying. Only a god can sustain a god, and now that I’m grown, my papas’ blood only gets me so far.

I really need my twin right now. My big brother, Shiloh, would do, too. He’s off looking for my mom, so she can replace Gi.

What have I gotten myself into? Somebody save me. I don’t want to do this by myself.

Kansas Raine Félidés, Lord Cinis


Book Title: Sealed With A Tris

Length:  108 pages

Release Date: September 21, 2023

Genre: MM Paranormal Romantasy

Trope: fated mates


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Dear Me,

This would be the longest summer of my life, and it hadn’t started. You see, I’m the forgotten twin and what is referred to in my world as ‘the spare.’ Oddly enough, I do still hold my title, Lord Vitae, but it isn’t doing me much good in my current state.

I arrived two weeks previously and landed in the shower, fully clothed. My twin slapped his hand over my mouth to keep me from shrieking the walls down at the shock of the water blasting me in the face.

After helping one Jace Corrins with Clary Clatterbox My Mama Is The Soul Maker, I stayed hidden until we moved into the house Mamie bought for us, and then I finally got to stop shielding my presence from my brother’s most lovely mate.

In precisely one month, Kansas and I will turn nineteen, and it will be the first time in our existence that he had a lover and I didn’t. I know. Getting laid should not be a priority, and it really isn’t. My focus at the moment is checking on the custom guitar I’m having made for Kansas, for said birthday.

Material things hadn’t always mattered to us because before, we could wake up on a completely different plane, in a completely different year and age. Our honorary Mamie, the Source of all things, has assured us repeatedly that The Veil is home and we can’t be moved unless we move ourselves. We are trusting her judgment because, really? Who would tell her no?

Tristan Storme Félidés


Book Title: See Who Loves You Now

Length: 154 pages

Release Date: October 21, 2023

Genre: MM Paranormal Romantasy

Trope: Time travel


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The worst birthday turns into the best when Kansas and Shiloh meet Sam and Rye Lance. But are they part of Catori’s plan to wipe the Felides Clan from existence, or is it forever and always?

A spell stands between them and the truth. Only Time will tell.


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About the Author 

Jae Greyn is the author of the Fire Ridge Pride Series. Born in the United States, Jae is an advocate for being good humans to animals and people. A consumer of coffee, chocolate, and romances.

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