MUSIC MONDAY: Feet by Fat White Family

Found this tag on Read Rant Rock & Roll. This meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. You pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday.

Last week’s song: Meydei & 26/27 by IDLES

This week’s song: Feet by Fat White Family


I could not believe it, could not believe my eyes
The thing that I saw down there down between your thighs
I can see it over and over again
Roll over Abdullah, holy broke the skin
If I turn it over, would you make it work?
When you plug it in, would you dig the dirt?
Can you count me sideways to that other realm?
Can you take me up there? Can you take the helm?
Beat me full of promise, I pray and I prevail
My refugee is throbbing underneath the sod
Deep inside a man all loyalty dissolves
Deep inside a stranger, necessity absolves

Don’t fail me now
Don’t fail me now

Down here in the darkness, we assume the best
Refuse every kindness, swallow your distress
Baby beats his chest so that he can hide
That soaring precipice that he’s passing off as pride
When I look at women what I see is other men
Fold ’em just like cattle, fold ’em like Sean Penn
The sea washed off my features with perfect nonchalance
Nothing to diminish and nothing to enhance
Gigi Hadid tears in the Woody Allah dirt
This one’s on a crusade, this one’s stuck at work
I hope your children wash up bloated on my shore
Caucasians sashimi in a sand nigga storm

Don’t fail me now
Don’t fail me now

As you walk down
To the bright, white apology of my skin

Don’t fail me now
Don’t fail me now

Fat White Family In Session - 2019 - Past Daily Soundbooth ...

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