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SOUNDTRACK: I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons & All I Wanna Do by Piotr & Sans Kar

Soundtrack to Aster Valley: Winter Waites by Lucy Lennox

Soundtrack to Aster Valley: Right As Raine by Lucy Lennox

I read somewhere that I Will Wait was about Marcus Mumford reconnecting with his childhood pen pal, actress Carey Mulligan. The lyrics “Well I came home / Like a stone / And I fell heavy into your arms / These days of dust / Which we’ve known / Will blow away with this new sun” describes the joy and relief of somebody who’s constantly on the road coming home to the arms of his loved one. It’s a great song for touring musician, Gentry and his husband, Winter.

All I Wanna Do was an easy choice for Raine and Mickey’s story. The lyrics goes “Everywhere I go / I see you beside me / You know you got me feeling / Right as rain

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