BLOG TOUR: Socially Orcward by Lisa Henry & Sarah Honey (Excerpt & Giveaway)

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Blog Tour, Excerpt & Giveaway:
Socially Orcward
By Lisa Henry & Sarah Honey


Adventures in Aguillo, Book 3

Dave is a simple orc with a simple life. He has his dragons, his music, and his friends, and that’s mostly enough. Sometimes though, he gets lonely and wishes there was someone he could share his interests with—maybe even someone he could hold hands with, although he knows it’s not likely that there’s a special person out there for someone who’s seven feet tall and green to boot.

So it’s a delightful surprise when Simon Perrin, the new kitchen boy, not only knows all about dragons, but seems to like Dave as much as Dave likes him back. But all is not what it seems, and Simon is hiding a dark secret. There are sinister forces at work, and Simon needs to find a way out of the situation he’s trapped in. If he doesn’t, it could mean disaster for the entire kingdom of Aguillon, and an even more terrible fate for Pie, Dave’s beloved fingerdragon.

When Dave discovers Simon and Pie are in danger, he’s swept up in a rescue mission that spans an ocean, tests a friendship, and has more dragons that you could poke a lute at. It’s going to be a wild ride—literally.

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New Tour Excerpt:

“What’re you doin’ to my babies?” a monstrous, seven foot tall, pale green figure demanded, tusks gleaming and face a picture of rage as he stormed across the room and clamped a meaty hand on Simon’s shoulder. The other hand poked Simon’s chest with one thick finger, knocking all the breath out of him, and all Simon could manage was a gasp.

This must be the orc, and he was terrifying. In that moment Simon didn’t care what James had said, he was certain he was about to get eaten, or thrown out of a window, or something equally fatal.

The orc was still scowling at him, so Simon managed to squeak out, “Theeggwasoutoftheflames!” in a single garbled sentence that he hoped desperately would save him.

The green face scrunched up in confusion before Dave loosened the grip on Simon’s shoulder fractionally. “What?”

Simon nodded frantically. “It—the egg rolled out and I didn’t want it to get cold. I know they need steady temperatures,” he added, “and judging by the black shell it’s an Ebony Oriental, and those are especially tricky to hatch.”

Like magic, Dave’s face lit up in what Simon assumed was a smile, although it was hard to tell with the tusks. “Tha’s right! I was gonna call him Inky when he hatches.”


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About the Authors:

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About Lisa:

Lisa likes to tell stories, mostly with hot guys and happily ever afters.

Lisa lives in tropical North Queensland, Australia. She doesn’t know why, because she hates the heat, but she suspects she’s too lazy to move. She spends half her time slaving away as a government minion, and the other half plotting her escape.

She attended university at sixteen, not because she was a child prodigy or anything, but because of a mix-up between international school systems early in life. She studied History and English, neither of them very thoroughly.

She shares her house with too many cats, a dog, a green tree frog that swims in the toilet, and as many possums as can break in every night. This is not how she imagined life as a grown-up.

Lisa has been published since 2012, and was a LAMBDA finalist for her quirky, awkward coming-of-age romance Adulting 101, and a Rainbow Awards finalist for 2019’s Anhaga.

To connect with Lisa on social media, you can find her here:


She also has a Facebook group where you’ll be kept in the loop with updates on releases, have a chance to win prizes, and probably see lots of lots of pictures of her dog and cats. You can find it here: Lisa Henry’s Hangout.

About Sarah:

Sarah lives in Western Australia with her partner, two cats, two dogs and a TARDIS.

A teacher once told her life’s not a joke.

She begs to differ.

Her proudest achievements include having kids who will still be seen with her in public, and knowing all the words to Bohemian Rhapsody.

You can connect with Sarah on Facebook, or send her an email at [email protected].


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