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MANGA: Restart wa Onaka wo Sukasete


Restart wa Onaka wo Sukesete – Cocomi

Coming back home to restart his life after a disastrous time in Tokyo, 25-year-old Kozuka Mitsuomi is unemployed. He was born and raised in the countryside but returned. He meets Kumai Yamato and his life begins to subtly change.

“Restart Can Be Hungry” is the sequel to Restart wa Tadaima no Ato de. It’s sweet story about building a family with the person you are happiest with. It picks up on Mitsuomi and Yamato as an established couple tentatively trying to move their relationship to the next level.

Mitsuomi is a lovable dork. I think he had winter personality.

Yamato’s cheerful personality made my day. I loved his character design and how the mangaka drew his various expression. He had a great smile. It’s a smile made of sunshine and summer.

Their opposite personalities played off each other well.

The manga is paced even slower than before that it was borderline boring at first. It gradually won me over with its gentle vibe. It had the same heartwarming moments that made the prequel a joy to read.

Restart no Tadaima no Ato de has a live-action movie. Check out trailer below. Sorry, I couldn’t find any English subtitles.


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