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MANGA: Heart no Kagi Te ni Irero!

Heart no Kagi Te ni Irero! – Emi Mitsuki

Plain looks… average abilities… on top of that, my name’s “Suzuki Tarou”. I’ve always held a complex towards my overly ordinary self. One day, a super pretty, drunk boy appears on my doorstep! He tries to kiss me while crying about how I “look like his former lover”… Then some time later, that same pretty boy appears in my workplace! His name – Shiga Ryouta. Will meeting Shiga become my turning point?!

It’s a story about a drunken meet-cute with a guy clearly still hung up with his ex-girlfriend that led to an endearing friendship and conflicting feels. Generically-named average guy Suzuki Tarou proved he is The Suzuki Tarou as he doggedly pursue recognition from his father. His earnest determination won the heart of his angsty friend/co-worker Shiga.

Sweet and slow-burn.

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