I was looking for another alphabet-related tag to do and found Bookwyrm‘s post on Alphabeticals.

Here are the rules as Alex posted them:

  • Credit Alex for the idea, and link back
  • Post at your own pace, do as many or as few letters as you want
  • Post your favourite authors, books and characters (ABCs) for a particular letter of the alphabet

I’m only doing authors and characters since I have already done the ABC book tag before.

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Let’s do this!

Authors beginning with ‘B’

CLIVE BARKER is one of the authors I grew up with. I used to compare him to Stephen King. I found Barker’s works to be much more imaginative. He’s also probably the only LGBT-friendly author I came across with in the 90s.

LILIAN JACKSON BRAUN is my favorite cozy mystery writer. Mostly because of Koko and Yumyum. Qwill, not so much. I still have my entire Cat Who collection that has survived natural disasters and house renovations.

MORGAN BRICE is one of those authors whose stories were enjoyable, kinda okay and so-so yet I keep coming back for more. She knows how to hook readers with intriguing story arcs and interrelated storylines. I especially liked her shared universe of books because it’s always a delight when an old character drops by for a visit.

POPPY Z. BRITE, purveyor of gay vampire club owners, was another LGBT-friendly author I discovered in the early 2000s. It was hard to get copies of her books in my area and I have to rely on second hand bookstores. I was beyond thrilled to find a copy of Exquisite Corpse, which is still one of my all-time faves.

SAM BURNS is the author of the the paranormal series, Rowan Harbor Cycle. I gave a couple of the books mixed reviews but overall, I’m heavily invested in the small town of Rowan Harbor.

Characters beginning with ‘B’

BERAHT is my favorite golden-eyed, spunky captive from Megan Derr‘s masterpiece, Prisoner. He frequently clashes with his captor, Dieter, who had no choice but to fall hard and fast for him.

BEN SPENSER is the beleaguered boyfriend and grounding force of windwalker, thief extraordinaire and untrustworthiness personified, Jonah Pastern. Their book, Jackdaw, was a magical second-chance romance set in the Charm of Magpies world.

BILL QUIGLEY endeared himself to all Hexworld readers by being the kind-hearted soul who took it upon himself to look after the troubled familiar, Isaac. Their book Hexhunter, stands apart from the other book by pairing a familiar with a witch of their choice and not through fate.

BLAKE HARTE is the dashing detective and titular character of the mystery series by Robert Innes. Blake is pretty much perfect but he’s not above drunken phone rants to cheating exes and being head-butted by a goat.

SEBASTIAN “BASH” LOWELL is the punk rebel who caused a stir and caught the eye of school king, Rutledge “Edge” Alexander Darby IV in The Prep and the Punk. Bash was your typical school outsider who had his walls firmly up. That did not stop Edge. He threw our resident punk his first ever birthday party, Bash throws himself into Edge’s arms and they lived happily ever after, the world be damned.

BASIL ELLWOOD is a little shit who gets his coven in trouble daily in Michele Notaro‘s paranormal series, The Ellwood Chronicles. But like all Ellwoods, he’s ready to threw himself into battle for a good cause. So you’ll love him anyway.

BEN SEDGEWICK is a vicar and walking ray of sunshine looking after 3 orphaned hellions and their father, Captain Phillip Dacre in It Takes Two to Tumble. Ben also raises baby ducklings. Ben is adorbs!

BRIAN KING is my favorite bounty hunter who survived months of torture and overcame mutism after almost half a decade. He found the love of his life, Sway in a night club, lost him and found him again. His book, Promises Part 4 was the best Bounty Hunters book. It showcased Brian’s outstanding strength, courage, his strong bond with his brother, Ford and of course, his unconditional love for Sway.

BISHOP is the titular character of another amazing A.E. Via book. Due to his rather unconventional upbringing, Bishop struggles to read and write but he is an extremely talented landscape artist. It also turned out that he is the perfect boyfriend for plus-sized office executive, Edison. Bishop might be an ex-con but he has a heart of gold.

HUGH “BARNEY” BARNABY is Randolph’s associate and Max’s best friend from the spectacular book, Spectred Isle. This is the only glimpse we have of Barney and Max because gad, I don’t even know if their book will get written at all. Please, KJ!!!!

BELTRAN “BEL” VARIK is my favorite Varik from the vampirelicious series, Lords of Discord. Bel is a your typical absent minded (kinda mad) scientist whose head is forever formulating equations and experiments. Rumor has it darling Bel is getting some action soon with not only one, but TWO wolves. What would his brothers make of it?

BELLERON “BELL” LIATOS is the vampire king, Chadwick’s best friend and second in command from Prophesy Book II: Bringer of Wrath. His true mate is Alek, brother of Alpha Justice. Theirs was a bonding so instant, it happened exactly the moment they met each other. Bell is another vampire who gets multiple mates. Bell was in for a surprise when he found out Alek has 2 other personalities within him. I bet his favorite is Wrath because he’s mine too.

So these are my ‘B’ favorites. There’s a lot of A.E. Via characters here. Ms. V’s good with her boys. Hope you enjoyed this list. Do you have any ‘B’ favorites? Tag me if you feel like doing the Alphabeticals too.

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