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Ii Kankei de Komatteru – Machiya Hatoko

A collection of old and new stories, cute, funny, and sweetly intimate.
1) Coworkers in an easygoing relationship.
2-3) Childhood friends go to a planetarium.
4) A responsible salaryman enjoys the unconventional attitude of a new intern.
5-8) A school librarian is tempted by a determined student.

This good relationship bothers me: Smutty bore but I think the president should have his own story.

Deep in Winter + 

Under the stars: A passably cute childhood friends to lovers romance that could be so much more

Lets sparkle: An age-gap, boss+subordinate romance that shows promise

Library Temptation +

Library Love +

Lingering Traces + 

Fireworks Hanabi: Started out as smutty bore but quickly redeemed itself by turning out to be an evocative librarian+student romance.


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