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Related imageTaka to Tonbi to Aburaage – Rokuro Kuro

Hanajima is the most popular and sought-after guy in school. But he has a secret: a hidden self, who is unbearably egoistical in both words and thoughts! The only one who knows that is a fellow schoolmate, Nodate!

An enjoyable collection of stories on the theme of hidden self and secret feelings.

The Falcon. The Kite. And the Deep-Fried Tofu: No idea about the title but ‘perfect’ guy’s possessive nature and feelings for his childhood friend was revealed as another boy confesses feelings to said friend. That’s right, stick together, dorks!

Makino is Taking a Rest Today: Cute yandere boy meets shy gentle giant who calls him out on his shit. Interesting combination. Make it work, you two!

Mealtime for Two + Breakfast for Two: Childhood friends with mutual feelings. Really should have talked about it earlier. Enjoy that newly-wed atmosphere, boys!


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