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Komata-kun to Komata-chan – 

Kobato Mebaru & Ogura Muku (Munya Munya Sue)

Two short one shots about school boys in love~1. Haruda has started dating the quiet, shy Shiba. Nurturing their relationship like a small, budding plant, Haruda promises he will never make Shiba cry. And on a hot summer afternoon, Shiba quietly pulls Haruda to the next step.2. Hoshino is confessed to by Oda, an adorable boy in glasses. They start dating, but Hoshino wonders why Oda chose him… since he started dating Oda, Hoshino feels like his world has expanded, but since he’s not a star*, why would Oda like him?*Hoshino means “star” but he thinks of himself as gloomy.

The theme is that awkward just-started-dating phase and both authors captured it well.


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