Backwoods Asylum – Megan Derr

Skylar is used to the way people think of him as frightening, mean, and dangerous. Snakes are not the most popular shifters around and the fact he grew up wild doesn’t help. He knows the way he’s chosen to live alone in the woods only makes things worse, but he didn’t think it meant people thought him capable of killing a couple of wolf puppies.

Determined to find the real monster who left them to die, Skylar calls up the only wolf he knows, a man he always wished would see him as more than a snake …

Skylar is adorable but the whole domestic, taking-care-of-pups scenes were boring. The idea of shifters was interesting and it reminded me of the Sookie Stackhouse stories. I didn’t like the voices in the audiobook since the narrator’s voice and Skylar’s are too similar. 


3 Stars – not exactly setting my world on fire but I liked it

(source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17472498-backwoods-asylum)

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