Living in a Cardboard Box

The cardboard shelters look something similar to a child’s playhouse and are designed to offer a little privacy and comfort to those still living in the cramped conditions in the communal shelters at present. The cardboard can be assembled easily by anyone and even decorated by those with children, which could provide a nice creative outlet in a situation where many have been adversely affected by the tsunami and its aftermath.

With the majority of shelters located in school gymnasiums or public halls, the facilities really offer very little in terms of privacy or seclusion where evacuees can escape to try and relax in as best a way as is possible. Atelier Opa’s designs have been created not just to provide spaces for people to sleep in but partitions to create study areas and even clothes hanging areas. With many still unsure as to when they can move out of the communal areas right now and into relief housing, providing at least a semblance of having a personal space and designated spaces for specific functions is particularly important.

How brilliant is this?! Trust the japanese to come up simple great ideas for the most common things.

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