The BBC didn’t presume to look into the hearts of the royal couple. Mostly, Mr. Edwards and his colleagues provided historical background in the sotto voce of commentators at a golf tournament. They didn’t get very excited about the bridal gown or the hats, though the eminent historian Simon Schama did have thoughts on the wedding décor.

“Those trees in the abbey are of course an echo of gothic vaulting,” Mr. Schama said, noting that they brought to Westminster Abbey “a fresh note of dazzling springtime.” (Mr. Schama as a wedding commentator is a bit like William F. Buckley covering the red carpet on Oscar night.)

British Want Tradition, Americans Want Love

Nobody needs to hear anything more about the royal wedding, but this NYT television review – “In Royal Wedding TV Coverage, British and Americans Differ” is the long-form, less click-worthy headline on the article itself – is rather amusing. Especially as I mainly know of Simon Schama as a) a fairly conservative historian on the French Revolution and b) a somewhat pompous TV art historian; I’m actually kinda sad that I missed this part.

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I was getting sick hearing “fairytale” over and over again, and people being dissapointed with the dress and laughing at the funny hats and william being half-bald. I guess it was not hollywood enough for them.

Thank heavens for british sensibilities.

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