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    MANGA: Shitsuke ga Nattenai

    Shitsuke ga Nattenai – Ueda Niku

    One night, Kazuho, a hotel worker who possesses a rare blood-sucking constitution, helps a drunk man he found lying on the side of the street by giving him a place to spend the night. The next day, instead of waking up to the man he brought back to his apartment, Kazuho unexpectedly finds a dog sleeping in his bed!

    Roughly translates to Lack of Discipline, the manga’s fangy cover promised all kinds of fangy moeness.

    I was very disappointed to learn, it wasn’t to be. There were hardly any fangs on displays. A missed opportunity especially since it paired a reluctant vampire with a fluffy dog shifter.

    This is a forced proximity, forced-feeding romance set in a world where people either have vampire genes, animal shifter constitutions, and on rare occasions, spirits. The story quickly lost me when it dwelled too long on the two characters discussing vampire and shifter constitutions, and healthy diets. The manga had too much dialogue that was uninteresting. I skimmed, hoping it would get better once the romance sparked. No such luck. A complete blah, all in all.

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    MANGA: Super Platonic

    Super Platonic – Ueda Niku

    Takagi, the store manager of a flower shop, does a favor for his younger sister by going to an Idol concert to check out a man she met online. However, it turns out that this online friend is actually Toraji, a part-timer who works for Takagi.

    Super Platonic is a sweet and gentle story about not judging people by their appearance.

    Store owner Takagi hasn’t really been getting along with his big and scary-looking part-timer, a university student named Toraji. But he noticed the young man actually handles his flowers with a lot of care. And he makes really cute bouquets. After getting roped in by his sister to meet a man she was supposed to meet at an idol concert, he was surprised to discovered, it was Toraji.

    I adore Toraji’s kind of seme!! A strong, silent type who’s super loyal and devoted to his uke. I loved the tiger reference in his name (tora = tiger). This fierce-looking cat is actually a kitten. His blushy face is everything!

    Despite his appearance, he’s a guy who likes cute, girly things. He’s a huge fan of an idol group that Takagi’s sister also liked. He was upfront and honest about his feelings, point blank asking Takagi to go out with him.

    The manga is from Takagi’s POV. I wasn’t too keen about Takagi at first. There was a misunderstanding about the identity of the person who was supposed to meet Toraji. He let this misunderstanding dragged longer than necessary. He also took his time sorting his feeling for the younger man. This part was understandable though. He eventually won me over when he became honest with himself.

    There’s an age gap aspect in play with some scenes highlighting the age difference, making it seem Takagi is that old even if he’s only in his early 30s. Not too keen about this part either.

    However, I really loved the vibe of the manga. Despite some of the negative elements, it felt soft and light. I especially loved the way the mangaka drew Toraji. I’m all about this boy here.

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    Dame na Yatsu Hodo Kawaii – Ueda Niku

    One day, Arata was forced to take in a freeloader by the request of his friend.
    That man, Narumi, almost burns everything when he cooks, and can’t get into the bath on his own; in other words he’s a hopelessly clumsy man.

    Arata is at a loss, but he just can’t leave Narumi alone!?

    Other completed works include: A high-schooler that observes his friends’ love, A flashy guy x a son of a distinguished family’s elopement, And a cold guy x Crossdressing guy.

    A useless adult who can’t do anything so he whores himself out? Sorry, not cute. Fortunately it’s only one chapter and an extra. I don’t know how much I could bear that crap.

    Oooh, the second chapter! Development of a relationship between two childhood friends from the perspective of a mutual friend is something worth reading. Loving this one.

    Third chapter was cute, fun and so wonderfully carefree. Another win.

    Not feeling the fourth and fifth chapters. Two guys working at a crossdressing cafe hooking up for almost no reason at all. The senpai disappeared and suddenly resurfaced with a case of amnesia.  Crappy plot.

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