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    MANGA: Amai Nukumori

    甘いぬくもり (ビーボーイコミックス) | 杜山 まこ |本 | 通販 | Amazon

    Amai Nukumori – Toyama Mako

    1-3) Sweet Warmth. After a difficult time of being dumped by his lover and getting hurt by falling down the stairs, Shinshu meets Fushimi at work, where he is assigned to help him due to his injury. Fushimi is tender and thoughtful towards him, which is a different experience for Shinshu.

    4) Kiss at Midnight. When childish and spoiled Harumi gets rejected by his housemate whom he loves, he moves in with Hisaya who has always been there to pick up the pieces for him.

    5) If Love is Secondary. Natsuhiko gets drunk one night and is taken home by Jin. Natsuhiko seduces Jin, only to realize later that Jin is his college crush who turned him down! Jin was such a playboy back then, has he changed at all?

    6) The Love that Follows You. Takashi is ready to propose to his girlfriend, but she never shows up for their date. At her apartment he finds a note and her younger brother Yukinari. With his girlfriend gone, Takashi starts spending time with the lonely Yukinari, but is he only a father figure to the younger man?

    Sweet Warmth: In which dog-like, earnest seme spoils his uke with a lot of TLCs. Bestest and cutest in the collection..

    Kiss at Midnight: In which two co-dependent friends with benefit found they couldn’t live without each other ever. Meh.

    If Love is Secondary: In which two players found their one and only darling in each other. Could use a better execution.

    The Love That Follows You: In which boy found his daddy in the person of his former brother-in-law. Makes for awkward family reunions.