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MANGA: Itadakimasu wa Koi no Aji

Itadakimasu wa Koi no Aji – Matsumoto Ayaka

A high school boy’s lunchbox is filled with excitement! A BL about young love between a picky eater and a cooking fanatic!

Mizuno, a cooking fanatic, is so preoccupied about what other people eat thate even keeps a close eye on his classmates’ lunches. He’s particularly taken aback by the picky eater, Hashimoto, and worries that someday he’ll get sick, and after a certain chain of events,
Mizuno gets stuck with making Hashimoto’s lunches for him! At first, Mizuno isn’t crazy about the idea, but as he watches Hashimoto’s face as he eats his perfectly balanced and nutritious packed lunches with gusto, Mizuno starts to enjoy his lunch time as well…

Roughly translating to Itadakimasu, the Taste of Love, this is a cute shout-out to good nutrition and home-cooked meals.

Mizuno dreams of becoming a nutritionist and is quite obsessed with cooking and the benefits of healthy food. Upon learning his classmate Hashimoto, a picky eater, is not eating well due to his parents not being home all the time, he volunteers to cook for him.

This lil grumpy/sunshine romance proved yet again the adage of winning a man’s heart through his stomach in the most adorable way possible. This one-shot also has kawaii character designs, lovingly detailed food drawings, and floofy moments that, alas, ended too quickly.

I’m begging for more servings of fluff, food, and feels!

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