RELEASE BLITZ: The Blue Viper by Bella Barnes


Bella Barnes

Release Date: February 16


A monster set a trap, and I fell right in.

I’m the heir of the Brooklyn Mafia and I’ve always followed the rules of my family.
I made one mistake, and gave into my desires with a beautiful stranger. 
Now he’s everywhere … and he won’t let me go. 

Finn Callahan is an ex-con from the Irish Mob, and he’s telling me I have to do every depraved thing he wants, or he’ll tell my secret. 
If the Mafia finds out I’m gay, I’m dead. 
In two months, I’m supposed to marry the daughter of the Don of the Brooklyn Mafia. This is not only my duty to my family, but a vow I can’t break. My fiancée is counting on me to protect her from the monsters of our world. 
Monsters like him. 
He says he owns me.
When I run, he chases. When I fight, he fights harder.
No matter what I do, I can’t win.
Finn Callahan fights dirty and surrender is sweet.

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Meet Bella Barnes:

I write steamy stories about dangerous men and the strong women who bring them to their knees. I live in Texas with my husband and twins.

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