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MANGA: Aitai Jou to Usagi no Yamai

Aitai Jou to Usagi no Yamai – Himaki Ito

At the Engetsuza Shrine, there’s a magical tale that’s been passed down through each generation about what happens when a male descendant falls in love. The priest’s son, Kounosuke, is a very ordinary high school student. Every day he takes care of his childhood friend, Shu, a relax and laid-back guy. When suddenly one morning, Kounosuke realizes he’s in love with Shu… and a strange change to his body starts to occur.

Love and the Rabbit’s Disease is a cute but slightly mediocre take on a childhood friends-to-lovers romance with a shifter twist.

Kounosuke has frequently heard tales about his male ancestors turning into rabbits once they fall in love. He thought it was just a story until one morning. He woke up with rabbit ears and tail after thinking of his friend Shu the night before.

Bunny boys are adorbs, plus Shu’s laidback vibe and dashing good looks are the perfect ingredients for a squee-tastic romance. However, the execution failed to fully realize the potential, lacking the oomph to make this truly swoony and heartfelt despite many floofy scenes.

Maybe the plot wasn’t offering anything groundbreaking, or I have read better executions of the tropes, but I can’t put my finger on where exactly it missed the mark. All I can say is I wasn’t completely swept away. Still, this isn’t bad. I think many people would still enjoy this. And the art looks great too.

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