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The Undeniable – Book Two

by Lola Malone

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Release Date: November 10, 2022

Genre: M/M Romance

Trope: Mafia romance, family saga, enemies to lovers, dark romance


I wanted to have him. I never thought I’d want to keep him.



My family’s livelihood in New York City is under attack and a vicious murderer is on the loose. I believe a nefarious sex cult is at the heart of these attacks and my mission to solve the puzzle and save our people brings me face to face with my past. Austin Carrington was my college obsession but he left me wrecked and humiliated. He’s now next in line to become the head of my family’s top rival organization. Can we put our past and our loyalties aside and work together for a common goal? I’ll do anything to keep my family safe. Even put my heart on the line.


Cooperating with our enemy to catch a madman in Manhattan is not how I expected to step into my new role as leader of The Void. But once I set eyes on him again, I’m willing to follow him anywhere. Shy, socially awkward Connor. He and I have history. I promised him I’d hunt him down, and I mean to keep that promise. Because whether he likes it or not, Connor Donnelly is mine.

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With trembling fingers, I fumble with the lens, nearly dropping the goddamn camera, before I finally manage to slide it back into the delicate, velvet pouch that suddenly feels too small for my thick and clumsy fingers.


“Connor, right?”

I freeze at the sound of that low, husky voice and nod once I’ve quickly swept the bag over my shoulder. I spin around, ready to make my exit. Something that sounds like an awkward mumble leaves my mouth, only to end in a pathetic high-pitched squeak when, quick as a flash, Austin steps right in front of me, blocking my escape. I stumble back against the window sill between the bookshelves and hiss at the sharp edge of the camera stabbing into my back.

“This you?” Without waiting for my reply, he holds out his phone and shows me a video that punches me right in the gut.

This can’t be happening.

I shake my head, eyes still glued to the video, and croak, “No.”

Yes. ‘Cause there it is, on camera. A hand, my hand, stroking my cock while my free hand holds the photo. That fucking photo. Its image is vague, but to me it’s crystal clear. Austin tilts his face slightly, eyeing me. Then his gaze drops briefly to my lips, before his curl into a playful grin. “Looks like you were having a good time.” His dark stare is back onto mine and his voice is a raspy rumble, causing a shiver to run down my spine. I shake my head. “I – I—” I push my glasses further up my nose. We both know the truth. My unique hair color gives me away, exposing this shameful, burning reality even after my one week of hiding.

Austin grins as he leans back against a bookcase, sliding long, graceful fingers through his mahogany strands, and I have to force myself to keep my gaze steady on the books on the shelf, rather than Austin’s slender digits. I realize I’m failing as heat crawls up my cheeks. In all these years I’ve never been so close to the guy, and oh, this close, he’s breathtaking.

“You – you?” Austin taunts.

And a real asshole.

“Me?” I squeak, already forgetting what it is I wanted to say in the first place. We both hear the soft noises of pleasure vibrating through the phone. Whoever the freak was who filmed me, has great audio quality on his device.

“Oh yeah, definitely a good time,” Austin mumbles. I blink as I try to control my blush from coloring my neck and cheeks a darker shade of red. Then, as if the mockery isn’t quite enough, the camera zooms in on the picture in my hand. The gentle moans become more urgent and we both know what’s coming next. I feel my body flush with anxiety and it unleashes a strong urge to run for cover.

“I need to go.” I peel myself off the window sill, but as if he’s been waiting for this moment, Austin moves toward me, blocking my exit. Again.

I lick my dry lips. “This is not what it looks like,” I urge in a choke.

“No?” Austin cocks a brow. “It seems pretty obvious to me.” He closes the distance further, and despite my lean build, Austin’s taller and most definitely stronger. I can’t win against him, if things get physical.

“Listen, we don’t have to fight over this, I—”

“Fight?” Austin scoffs.. “Oh no, princess. I don’t want to fight with you.”

“Listen man, I’m sorry about the photo. I promise you, I destroyed it, it wasn’t—” I stammer, “planned, yeah?”

Suddenly, Austin leans over and comes closer, too close. His body heat blocks my defense mechanism and I’m helpless as his breath tickles against my ear. “I bet it felt good, hm?”

My cheeks are fiercely burning with shame, yet my cock twitches at the words. “No,” I stifle.

“No? You saying you didn’t come?” Austin lowers his voice. “I wonder what your family would think of this. Of their precious boy sneaking into the showers, taking pictures of naked jocks?”

I whimper. “Come on man, don’t tell my family.”

“Their baby Connor, such a goody-goody. But secretly—”

“If I could, I’d take it back!” I cry out, bewildered. “But I can’t, I can only apologize. This has never happened before and it will never happen again. I deleted the photo, I’ll stay out of your way. I’ll—”

Austin lazily licks the length of my ear, and I clench my jaw closed in an attempt to fight the moan that’s about to spill past my lips. “Such a bright student and athlete. Such a good, good boy.”

“What do you want?” I breathe shakily.

“Such a clever boy.” Austin sucks my earlobe and hums teasingly. This time I can’t withhold the sigh that escapes my mouth. “Is it money?”

Austin pulls back with a smirk on his handsome face. “Nah, we all have enough of that. I want you in my room, tonight at ten o’clock.”


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