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SOUNDTRACK: Bound Together by Kate York feat. Vanyo & The Curse by Agnes Obel

Soundtrack to Fallen Messengers: Spellbound by Ava Marie Salinger

Bound Together by Kate York for a book about a teenage runaway and the ties that bind her.

We’ll find a way home
‘Cause we’re bound together
Looking up at the ceiling
Holding onto a feeling
That won’t seem to let go
Every day falls behind us
The shadows just remind us
That we keep forgetting
Take it all away
We’ll stay, we’ll stay the same

Soundtrack Fallen Messengers: Edge Lines by Ava Marie Salinger

The Curse by Agnes Obel for a book about monsters who attack the various realms and the fallen who fought again them.

It was swift, it was just, another wave of a miracle
But no one, nothing at all would go for the kill
If they called on every soul in the land on the move

Only then would they know a blessing in disguise

The curse ruled from the underground down by the shore
And their hope grew with a hunger to live unlike before

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