RELEASE TOUR: Mounting Block by Darragha Foster (Teaser & Giveaway)


Release Tour, Teaser & Giveaway:

The Mounting Block by Darragha Foster


Stable Tales, Book 3

He lost a leg to save a community’s connectivity. He also lost his sense of balance–in more ways than one. Equine therapy can help him regain physical balance, while a Hellenistic blacksmith and horse trainer helps him regain footing as a gay man deserving of love.

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“We could pray about it.”

“To the Greek gods?” Joe asked.

“Unless you think that’s a bad idea.”

“I’m not a praying kind of man. How is it done?”

“Well, I’d find a big leaf, put a little food on it, and let it float down the creek as an offering, and just sit quietly for a moment with the intention of making my desires heard by the gods while I try like the dickens to figure shit out for myself. They don’t coddle and don’t like cry-babies.”

“I always figured it was best to stay under the radar when it came to spiritual matters.”

“The gods used to thrive on formality and sacrifice. Now, small offerings and contemplation work.”

“Like you giving the energy of your climaxes to Aphrodite?”

“It worked. You’re here.”

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About the Author:

Darragha Foster writes of the strange and unusual–because that’s her life.

Darragha enjoys the twisted and unusual. She finds inspiration all around her. Even in the cold case at the grocer. Where she is no longer welcome. But that’s another story…

Connect with Darragha:
www.darragha.com, www.authorjjandrews.com
@darragha (IG), darraghafoster (FB), Amazon
@darraghafoster (TikTok)


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