SERIES STUFF: Series I Dropped.

Series Stuff was inspired by this post by Paperback and Planners. It lists the series I’ve started, those I’ve finished, the ongoing ones and those I couldn’t be bothered with anymore.

I wanted to do everything all together then realized it was going to be one long ass post because I have too many series in my reading list. I decided to break it down into four separate posts.

When it comes to a series, it doesn’t take long for me to decide whether to continue or not. I tend to drop a series early. Usually, it doesn’t go beyond the first book. Here’s a list of series I discontinued.

Click on the links for the reviews.

For series I’ve started, check out Begin the Begin.
For series I’ve finished, see The Finished Ones.


Kria by Megan Derr – The first book, Prisoner, pretty much blew me away but the second book, Bound, turned me off. It was so boring. Didn’t bother with the third one.

The Forestry Series by Silvia VioletHis True Nature was one of the blandest series openers I’ve come across with so I didn’t bother with the rest.

Lost Shifters by Megan Derr – Not feeling the first book at all. It was so blah.

Enlightenment by Joanna Chambers – Not feeling the supposedly mysterious love interest who came across as cardboard. Shipping the MC with another guy. Not a good introduction to a series.

Cronin’s Key by N.R. Walker – An example of a series with outstanding first book and terrible sequel.

Creekwood/Simonverse by Becky Albertalli – Not feeling Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens’ Agenda so I won’t be reading the others.

Soldati Hearts by Charlie Cochet – Not the best example of the shifter genre or the author’s work

World’s End by Kai Tyler – The first book had a good premise wasted by a poor execution.

Crossroads by Riley Hart – I read the second book, Shifting Gears. It’s an example of things I don’t like in contemporary romance, chief of which, that feeling like there’s nothing going on in the story.

Timekeeper by Tara Sim – Maybe I’ve outgrown the YA genre. Maybe the book wasn’t that good. I think I wouldn’t be interested in the sequel.

The Yakuza Path by Amy Tasukada – I’ve enjoyed some parts of Blood Stained Tea to finish the book. But I’m not sufficiently motivated enough to follow Nao on his next adventure.

San Andreas Shifters by G.L. Carriger – It was so bad I couldn’t even finish the first book.

Would It Be Okay To Love You? by Amy Tasukada – The first book was okay but I’m just not a fan of the author’s writing style.

It’s not a lot and I haven’t dropped any series recently. I’m tend to be diligent in finishing a series once I commit. How patient are you when it comes to finishing a series? How many series have you DNF’ed?

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