I was looking for another alphabet-related tag to do and found Bookwyrm‘s post on Alphabeticals.

Here are the rules as Alex posted them:

  • Credit Alex for the idea, and link back
  • Post at your own pace, do as many or as few letters as you want
  • Post your favourite authors, books and characters (ABCs) for a particular letter of the alphabet

I’m only doing authors and characters since I have already done the ABC book tag before.

Check out my ABC BOOK TAG for A here.

Let’s do this!

Authors beginning with ‘A’

Joel Abernathy is the author of one of my favorite shifter series, Flesh and Bone. He is also known for vampires series, Kingdom of Night and The Vale Chronicles. His stories are frequently dark, gritty and intense.

X. ARATARE is the author of The Vampire’s Club, the best vampire serial I have come across in a while. I’ve said it so many times already, I’m totally obsessed with it.

ASTRID AMARA. I have read only two of her stories, No Life But This and Song of the Navigator. I was blown away by both.

CHARLIE ADHARA is the author of Big Bad Wolf, a refreshing werewolf series with difficult but lovable characters in difficult but endearing relationships.

GREGORY ASHE is the creator of the infamous Hazard & Somerset series. He likes to torture readers with very slow-burn, tumultuous romantic subplots alongside riveting mysteries. We love him for it.

Characters beginning with ‘A’

AISLIN ELLWOOD‘s abrasive personality and soft spot for strays reminded me of myself sometimes. Although, I have no desire to be a parental unit to a coven full of children. A is the strongest witch in The Ellwood Chronicles world. He has a strong sense of responsibility and would die for his family. He’s also a certified asshat.

ARTHUR DRAMS is from my all-time favorite ace love story, His Quiet Agent. He works in a boring deskjob for a secret government agency where he met the enigmatic Martin Grove. I loved how he patiently wooed Martin with food. I loved how he never gave up when Martin disappeared. I loved his tacit understanding when Martin reappeared. I’m crazy about them both.

ADAM DARLING is one of Josh Lanyon‘s FBI agents from Winter Kill who slayed me with his fangs. He’s not a vampire. He just had long canine teeth that looked totally adorbs!

GABRIEL ‘ASH’ ASHLEIGH is one of K.J. Charles‘ most endearing characters. He is Francis Webster’s joy in life. At first glance, he is naive and child-like but Ash is also one of the best at lying in the Society of Gentlemen. He helped saved his friends as many times as he got them in trouble.

ADRIEN ENGLISH is the titular character from the Josh Lanyon classic mystery series. I just started on this series and wow, I could see why people raved about it!

ADAM from Tork and Adam series by Claire Davis & Al Stewart. He is a Ken-perfect, self-absorbed specimen of humanity whose world was turned upside down when he met Tork. He turned Tork’s world on its head in return.

ASTRID LEONG is my favorite character from Crazy Rich Asians. I loved her innate sense of style, her appreciation for arts and culture, and the fact that, unlike Nick, she was doing something relevant with her heritage.

ANDREI HADEON from my all-time favorite, Unbreakable Bonds series, is a former MMA fighter, bodyguard and the love of Lucas Vallois’ life. Andrei is the best. Everybody loves him.

ANTHONY PACE is “a red-haired force of nature“. He is also a poet and Charlie’s bestfriend. Their story, Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! is the fluffiest fluff to ever fluff.

ANCEL was a pet from the classic (yes, I declare it a classic) Captive Prince trilogy. Nobody, including me, would have given him a second thought until C.S. Pacat gave him his own short story. Ancel was a revelation!

This is my somewhat exhaustive list of A favorites. Hope you enjoyed it. Do you have any ‘A’ favorites? Tag me if you feel like doing the Alphabeticals too.

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