1. Game Changers: Heated Rivalry – Rachel Reid

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The ultimate enemies-to-lovers, sports rivalry book. Changed the way I felt about sports romance.

Review here.

2. Green Creek: Heartsong – T.J. Klune

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“I see you.

Review here.

3. Leo Loves Aries – Anyta Sunday

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Slow-burn at its finest. The zing nearly killed me.

Review here.

4. Mnevermind Trilogy – Jordan Castillo Price

Gritty realism. Rollercoaster feels. One of JCP’s best works.

Review here.

5. The Vampire’s Club Books 3 & 4 – X. Aratare

Vampire romance of my dreams.

Review here.

6. Left Hand of Calvus – L.A. Witt/Ann Gallagher

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I said it before, I’ll say it again. INTENSE.

Review here.

7. Song of the Navigator – Astrid Amara

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To say this is a gutwrenching, highly emotional sci-fi love story is an understatement.

Review here.

8. Falling Sky – L.A. Witt

Gritty, unforgettable, cyberpunk romance between a human and a vampire.

Review here.

9. Flesh and Bone: Bleed – Joel Abernathy

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Another shifter romance that tore my heart to pieces.

Review here.

10. Soulbound: All Souls Near and Nigh – Hailey Turner

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Epic! Because this series doesn’t do low-key.

Review here.

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