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REVIEW: Eater Of Lives by Jordan L. Hawk

SPECTR: Eater of Lives – Jordan L. Hawk

When a supernatural killer is implicated in a string of cannibalistic murders, federal exorcist John Starkweather must track the demon down with the help of his live-in lover, Caleb Jansen. Caleb is possessed by Gray, a vampire spirit who is a natural demon hunter.

Caleb’s desire to find the killer is tempered by the knowledge his own time is running out. If John can’t successfully figure out how to exorcise Gray before forty days are up, the possession becomes permanent.

When John’s ex shows up, looking for a place to stay while visiting the city on business, tensions mount even higher. Lines are drawn and Caleb learns some decisions, once made, can never be changed.

Despite constant reassurances from Gray that no, he’s not going to harm any humans, no, he’s not going to turn Caleb into a mindless puppet or a bloodthirsty monster, the foolish mortals insist their fears and doubts ad nauseam. Listen to the drakul, people!

And what the fuck, Sean?! Why would you say that to Caleb? Sean is fast becoming a giant asshole. I know he means well but an asshole nonetheless.

Gray continues to be precious as both he and Caleb gets possessive and territorial when Will shows up unannounced. John, ever the nice guy, agrees to let his ex stay over. The ex showing up and causing trouble is a bit cliche but did help move some things forward.

This installment was different from the other books as a third POV was introduced, that of the possessed. The showdown between the demon and Gray was huge and public and had serious consequences for the trio. The ending was a cliffhanger so major I immediately picked up the next book because OMG!!! 

This is what I really love about Jordan L. Hawk. The books in her series keeps getting better and better as they progress. Whyborne & Griffin, Hexworld, SPECTR, read any of them and guaranteed you will be hooked!


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4.5 Stars – perfection is only half a step away 

Soundtrack: Hunger
Artist: Florence + the Machine
Album: High as Hope


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