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Death and the Devil: Devil in the Details – L.J. Hayward

If there’s one thing assassin Ethan Blade knows, it’s how to plan a job. How to study a target, find the weak spot, and strike. He keeps his guns clean, his knives sharp, and his heart sealed away behind more locks than his precious cars. Alone but safe. Until Jack Reardon burrowed his way into Ethan’s life, his car, and his heart. This may just be the deadliest mess he can’t plan his way out of.

Jack wasn’t sure he’d see Ethan again—not after the less-than-stellar ends to their previous hookups. Even finding the assassin skulking about his apartment isn’t as reassuring as it should be, especially when he works out Ethan’s motive for being there might not be personal. That said, Jack will take any chance he can to salvage their relationship, assuming he survives whatever plan Ethan is cooking up.

Ethan and Jack had a bargain, but the parameters changed and neither are certain how to move forward—together or apart. But before they can start to renegotiate, lives, trust, and hearts are endangered by ghosts from the past. Even if they dodge their enemies’ bullets, there’s a risk of friendly fire, and when you let someone get too close, even small knives can cut deep.

Today is also the release date of Devil in the Details which is another excuse to celebrate.

I adore the Death and the Devil series ever since the first novel came out and Devil in the Details, the third novella, certainly gave us some of what we ask for and things to look forward to on the next book.

Squees reach unprecedented levels as Jack and Ethan go on a holiday in Vietnam. Both Ethan and Jack had their fair share of insecurities and major miscommunications issues but their chemistry remains off the charts. I was right there cheering them on to please, talk for fuck’s sake and was ridiculously happy when Jack finally blurted it out. Ethan, the poor thing, was waiting for it for the longest time.  

Prior to that, death flags flew high as Jack and his second, Harry, deal with a bomb threat and declare BFF status. Explosive gunfights and cool fight scenes happen as bad guys tried to get our operative and our favorite assassin out of the picture. There were also somber and highly emotional moments when tragedy struck.

And,oh hell yeah! The thing I’ve been waiting for! That teeny tiny peek inside Ethan’s head!!!

Devil in the Details is full of edge-of-your-seat thrills, death-defying action scenes, sizzling unconventional romance and adorable characters.

It’s a high-octane emotional roller coaster and I love every moment of it.


Make this a movie, please!

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Thank you to the author, L.J. Hayward, for providing the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

5 Stars – absolutely perfect 

Soundtrack: Move Together
Artist: James Bay
Album: Chaos and the Calm


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