REVIEW: Witches of London – Eagle’s Shadow by Aleksandr Voinov

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Witches of London – Eagle’s Shadow – 

Aleksandr Voinov & Jordan Taylor

What if the new love of your life also holds the keys to your past?

When Chicago journalist Tom Welsh meets British banker Sanders Templeton at a conference, Sanders insists they have a connection, though he does not know what it is. They’ve never met before—but the strangest thing is, Tom can also feel it.

Sanders Templeton is a highflier who has it all—the money, the lifestyle and a rare intellect. Only a few chosen people know that he also suffers excruciating pain since childhood, with no cure, a mystery to western medicine.

Sanders knows that meeting Tom may be the most significant event of his life. As their relationship deepens, they learn that this is not the first lifetime in which they’ve fallen for each other. This time, true love can be theirs if they find the courage to forgive.

This is a standalone novel in the Witches of London world.

Dear Tom and Sanders,
Adopt me please. I want to be a cat and  live with you two so I could watch you both just being in love and happy and I could eat Francesca’s food everyday.

I started reading this because I just love the cover and stayed because the chemistry was off the charts. Even without the supernatural elements,  I could practically feel the air crackling between Tom and Sanders. Not just the main couple, even the supporting characters were the kind of people I would like to get to know more (at the very least, I would love to get my hands on Francesca’s croissants). There was so much fluff and love and sweetness with a some dose of drama and history. Aaand delicious food, impeccable service, fancy suits, cats, London. Perfect!


5 Stars – absolutely perfect

(source: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/33284517-witches-of-london—eagle-s-shadow)


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