Instant Mango Ice Cream

Summer here in my side of the world is at its peak and it’s sooo hot everybody had migraines. And since I am in between jobs as of this moment (read: bum), I have to practice austerity measures and thus can’t buy my usual pint of arce dairy caramel. Hence this “recipe” inspire by the mango float my sibling and I make during Christmas.

1 kilo mangoes (or any fruit in season. I wish we have strawberries here)

1 Nestle All-purpose Cream in tetra pack

1 can condense milk

Cut mango as instructed here. Then scoop/scrape flesh into a bowl. Mash the mango with a fork or if you have a blender or food processor (which is more convenient), blend until smooth. Add the cream and condensed milk to sweeten, and blend again. You don’t have to use up the entire can of milk. You can add more or less milk depending on your taste. Put mix in a container. I put mine in arce dairy ice cream containers I had lying around. Freeze. 


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