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    REVIEW: Psycho Romeo by Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott

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    Ward Security: Psycho Romeo – Jocelynn Drake & Rinda Elliott

    The Ward Security Series is a spin-off of the Unbreakable Bonds Series.

    Geoffrey Ralse is known for being the life of the party. He loves the club scene, hanging with his friends, and flirting with whomever catches his eye. He certainly isn’t going to stop living his life just because some would-be stalker starts sending him threats. 

    But it all changes when Geoffrey is drugged and wakes up half naked in his own home with a new message from his stalker. 

    He needs help and there’s only one person he trusts… 

    Protective Agent Sven Larsen has been fighting Geoffrey’s flirtatious advances for months, even though he’s impossibly drawn to the man. There’s no way he can be around him twenty-four/seven and not finally crack. But one look at Geoffrey’s haunted eyes, and he knows there’s no way he’s letting Geoffrey walk out of Ward Security without him. 

    Even if it means breaking his own rules, he will keep Geoffrey safe.

    Trigger warning: There is a very short section with sexual assault that some could find upsetting

    Ward Security is the spin-off series of Unbreakable Bonds. This features Ward Security employees from the bodyguards like Sven to the tech specialists like Quinn. Ward Security is like a family to many of them.

    Rowe and Noah had a lot of page time here. My heart gave happy lil jigs every time the UB characters show up on page or there were updates on how they’re doing.

    I’m super amused at how the book kept emphasizing that Geoffrey, at 5’5, is smol while here I am, an inch shorter than him and considered ‘tall’ by everyone I know. We’re all hobbits to Sven, who stands at 6’7(?).

    “Looks like I am doomed to stand in the land of giants.”

    It’s not only the size difference that made up their crazy good opposite-attracts chemistry. Geoffrey is vivacious and talkative while Sven is taciturn and still. The bodyguard tried to put up a distant, stoic front but Geoffrey was adorably relentless. The great Nordic giant stood no chance. And I knew, that moment in Unbreakable Bonds when Geoffrey flipped him over his back with his badass Aikido move, they were IT!

    Psycho Romeo has some noticeably wonky parts. The mystery took longer to solve than it was supposed to and the showdown with the villain was a bit meh though I’m happy Geoffrey was no damsel in distress. I hardly felt any suspense but as a whole, these weaknesses could be overlooked because the book delivered where it really mattered.

    The thing with JD & RE so far is that they write great romance but the other aspects of the stories are not as strongly executed. These things might or might not be a big deal depending on how good the book is in general. Be that as it may, they have created many memorable characters and it’s quite easy to get hook on their books.

    From the look of things, Ward Security is shaping up to be as addicting as the original series. I’m already starting on Quinn and Shane’s story.


    To fully enjoy Ward Security, it’s best to also read Unbreakable Bonds. The books should be read in order.

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    4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits

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    Artist: Jess Penner
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