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    MANGA: Sensei Datteyarashii Koto Shitai

    Sensei Datteyarashii Koto Shitai – Ushino

    After his dream of becoming a professional musician was crushed, Ren was forced to work at the kindergarten run by his parents. Ren’s unmotivated and lazy personality clashes with that of the super serious teacher Kiichi, whom he watches closely every day. However, Kiichi’s straightforward kindness and purity creates new and unique feelings…

    Even Teachers Want To Do A Naughty Thing is a cute teacher x teacher romance between a dedicated kindergarten teacher and a former musician forced into the kindergarten teacher role by his father.

    Ren’s lack of passion for the job was pretty obvious at first. His baser motives was to seduce the serious Kiichi just because he liked his face. Unwittingly, the endearingly innocent Kiichi turned the tables by being his naturally adorable self, and the doofus Ren found himself falling for his fellow teacher.

    If you like gay couples with children, this one has a bunch of precocious kindergarteners serving as voices of reason for the mess that is Ren. It’s amusing that even his father didn’t put much stock in him and left him in the care of the uber-reliable Kiichi.

    Their romance has a gay-for-you angle that highlights Kiichi’s innocence. After that, our boy was all set to experiment with his very experienced boyfriend, and things got super steamy.

    Kiichi’s devotion to his job was so whole-hearted Ren was deeply moved and soon followed suit. It was very inspiring. All in all, it’s not the most memorable, but this manga is as good as it looks on the cover in both plot and art.

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