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    REVIEW: A New Empire by Layla Reyne

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    Fog City: A New Empire – Layla Reyne

    Legacies were made to be rewritten.

    Assassin Hawes Madigan wants to do right—by his family, his organization, his city, and the man he’s falling for, ATF agent Christopher Perri. But Hawes’s rules are being challenged by someone willing to kill for the old ways. To save his soul and his empire, Hawes must make an impossible decision: fight from the outside or bend the knee to win back his throne from within.

    Chris is used to being the inside man, the one undercover. Now, he’s on the outside marshaling forces in support of the man and the ring of assassins he was supposed to take down. His mission shifted when he found something that’s been missing for ten long years—a home, with Hawes.

    As Hawes and Chris make a dangerous play for control, the lines between allies and traitors blur. Trusting the wrong person could destroy the legacy Hawes envisions for the Madigans. But not trusting anyone, or each other, could mean lights out on their love and lives forever.

    The King and King Slayer fight together in this thrilling conclusion to the Fog City Trilogy!

    Maybe it was those suspenseful build ups. And those heart-stopping cliffhangers. But my expectations of this final Fog City book was sky high.

    I was, sadly, underwhelmed.

    A New Empire was not a bad book. In fact, we get all the twisty, action-suspense thrills we want. However, none of the surprises shocked me greatly. They were almost to be expected, except for Vivienne Tran’s bombshell.

    I had correctly guessed the mastermind behind Hawe’s downfall in book two, King Slayer. Who else would it be? I also expected this person to have a stronger presence in book 3. They were there, but I didn’t feel the powerful aura of somebody who can take down the king.

    This series is known for being fast and tight. The plot was a somewhat convoluted but with the way it was paced, it certainly kept things from being boring. I enjoyed going from one twist to another with hardly any lull.

    Even the climax was rushed. This part I would have liked to be more impactful given how much time they spent plotting and strategizing. I almost didn’t realize that it was happening because it was over way too soon. Maybe it was respect to the mastermind’s age and status but it wasn’t a comeuppance where the antagonist suffered a slow, painful death,

    As with most Layla Reyne books, the characters are what we are here for. I love that they make me feel like part of their group. Family is the heart of it all. My love for the Madigan siblings and their friends is what kept me coming back to this series despite my mixed feelings about it as a whole. Hawes, Holt and Helena are a solid, unified team even as Hawes played his dangerous game of bending the knee. Aidan, Mel, and Jamie, from the Agents Irish and Whiskey series, dropping by for a visit was a delightful bonus.

    Romance-wise, I wouldn’t say I warmed up to Chris/Dante but he got Hawes’ back so he’s alright, I suppose. The more interesting angle here is Holt and Kane. They’re getting their own book so YAY! Even Hena will get some action because there’s definitely something going on between her and Chris’ sister.

    The best book in the trilogy for me is the second book. However, this finale did a great job finally giving Hawes closure and the rest of the Madigans some peace. More, importantly, it was a really effective set-up for more stories to come. I am definitely here for the spin-offs.

    Time to give Little H some love!


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    3 Stars – not exactly setting my world on fire but I liked it

    Soundtrack: The Perfect Symmetry
    Artist: Demians
    Album: Building An Empire

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    I won’t pray for the rain to come
    Words make me feel like a newborn
    A new time has come, I will live it on my own

    But how did it all come down?

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    You’ll have to wait for the rain to come
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