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    MANGA: Sugar-ism

    Sugar-ism – Kuromame

    Perpetually overworked salaryman Tetsudo gets a much-needed day off and goes to a pharmacy to buy sleeping pills. He meets his old college friend, Kamitezuna. The same friend who rejected him after he confessed 8 years ago…

    This one-shot is about a depressed, overworked salaryman who wants to die. He buys sleeping pills from the pharmacy and meets his old college buddy who works there.

    The two had a history together. Kamitezuna is described as a selfish guy who does what he wants. He’s the type who helps people even if they don’t want to be helped. He basically bulldozes Tetsudo to eat with him, takes him to his apartment and have sex with him despite all appearances pointing to him being straight.

    Apparently there is a method to this madness as the mangaka gives a convoluted explanation about eros, thanatos and homosexuals that frankly sounded like homosexuals can’t be truly be happy because they can’t reproduce. There’s more blather. What I got in the end was something to the effect of Kamitezuna giving life to the Tetsudo.

    Anyways, I just liked the art.