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    Ikujinashi no Koi – Rika Isaki

    Asakura, a writer, coincidentally came across high-schooler Mihara who has feelings for his male friend. He sees himself in Mihara because of his bitter past love. By a twist of fate, it turns out that Mihara’s homeroom teacher, Mizumori, is the very person he loved…

    This collection’s theme is childhood friends and reunions.

    Ikujinashi no Koi + The Adult After: Asakura has unrequited love for his childhood friend Mizumori whom he lost contact with then later meet again as an adult. There were boring talky bits I skimmed but halle-fucking-luya when he finally confessed.

    To Meet You:  Jobless thirty-something Kaida goes back to his hometown and was forced to work in the shop manned by Shunya, a 20-year old who was his friend when they were both much younger. Pushy kid but would Kaida take him seriously?

    Us Forever After: High school friends Kazuma and Haruhisa tries to keeps things normal after Kazuma confessed to Haruhisa. You guys know you can be both best friends AND boyfriends, right? Cutest story of the collection.

    (source: http://www.mangago.me)