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    MANGA: Kimi wa Samishigari ya no Hana

    Kimi wa Samishigari ya no Hana – Nomori Mina

    One evening, Hisanaga approaches Morio at a bar with just one thing in mind. However, Morio is looking for a deeper relationship. Can Morio break through the wall around Hisanaga’s heart to get something more than empty sex?

    You Are The Loneliest Flower is a story of university student, Morio, who developed feelings for his on-again off-again hookup, an aloof salaryman, Hisanaga.

    This has a not so common set-up of characters openly admitting they’re gay and regularly hooking up at gay bars. Most of the time, BL manga characters just fall into relationships without even realizing or acknowledging their sexuality.

    Morio knew Hisanaga is a self-centered, lonely man who pushes people away but it didn’t stop him being drawn to him. Morio is a natural do-gooder who can’t help but dote on the difficult and blunt Hisanaga. I liked his dedication and that he didn’t cross the line to pushy. Although I did wonder what was so attractive about the older man other than his looks. I didn’t connect with Hisanaga. I think his character could have been developed more.

    The manga had a mature vibe. The premise is good but the way it was delivered wasn’t that convincing. The pacing and the scenes felt awkward. It closed in an open-ended but hopeful note where Morio hopes Hisanaga would eventually open up to him.