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    MANGA: In Your Room

    In Your Room – Hino Youhe

    Kadokura and Yamasawa are surprised when they both fall in love at first sight… but are their feelings aligned?

    In Your Room is a cozy, domestic one-shot of two guys who fell in love at first sight and fell into a routine.

    Kadokura frequently comes over to Yamasawa’s apartment. After having sex, he usually ends up cleaning Yamasawa’s messy room. At first, he didn’t mind, being smitten by the other man. Then doubts gradually seeped in, thinking Yamasawa was only having sex with him in exchange for doing chores.

    What’s great about these two is that they really took the time to talk properly. The plot was pretty straightforward, a slice of life of mostly nothing but sex and doing chores. Far from being boring and explicit, it was able to convey the feels in a laid-back low-key manner.

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