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    REVIEW: The First and Last Adventure of Kit Sawyer by S.E. Harmon

    The First and Last Adventure of Kit Sawyer – S.E. Harmon

    In the archaeology community, Christopher “Kit” Sawyer’s family is a legacy. And while he may be a historian, not a treasure hunter, he thinks he does a pretty good job of living up to the Sawyer name. He’s a book-smart research fanatic and does his best work at his tidy desk. No fedora and whip for him, if you please—a nice cup of coffee and a comfy chair will do. But decoding an ancient relic soon gives him more adventure than he bargained for.

    Unwittingly, he unleashes a force he doesn’t know how to control. And now he has to reunite the relic with a powerful Aztec God. The trouble with that? Kit doesn’t know where to find the Tlaloc’s temple. No one does, in fact. Finding it could be a discovery for the ages. It could also lead to his untimely death. So…yay? But it’s not like he has a choice. So off to the Mexican jungle he goes.

    At least he isn’t going alone.

    Ethan Stone, former stepbrother and overall pain in the rump, horns in on the expedition. An experienced archaeologist, he’s only coming along at their grandfather’s request—which annoys Kit to no end. But he knows Ethan is just the right person to get them through the jungle safely. It’s just too bad someone is trying to beat them to the temple. And he’s willing to do anything to get there first.

    Ethan thinks Kit is in over his head. Kit is secretly afraid he just may be right. In manners of archaeology…and manners of the heart….

    Some of the earliest movies I recall seeing at the theaters were the Indiana Jones movies. My father had to cover my eyes at the more exciting parts because I was too young (mostly that nasty scene where they dined on the brains of live monkeys).

    I don’t know why he’s always off to parts unknown, but I wanted to be Indiana Jones when I grew up. I was a pretty adventurous kid and always imagined packing a bag and taking off. I even mastered the ’90s video games because it was the closest thing to being the man.

    Only when I was an adult did I learn he was actually an archeologist, hence the trips to exotic locales. And not a very good one at that, what with the destruction of historical sites and precious artifacts in his wake

    The First And Last Adventure of Kit Sawyer is gay Indiana Jones, so I was all in immediately!

    The book stars Christopher ‘Kit’ Sawyer III, a research-oriented archeologist who has never been in the field. The Sawyer family is legendary in the archeology world, and Kit is aware that he is standing on the shoulders of not only his much-renowned parents, who have sadly passed away but also his grandfather, Christopher ‘Remington’ Sawyer, an icon in their community.

    Kit also had to contend with conflicting feelings (a.k.a. crushing on the man badly) about his former step-brother, Ethan Stone, active, outdoorsy, and always exploring. Christopher Sawyer II took his stepson under his wing and the two were inseparable in their pursuits, leaving Kit stuck at home. Now, Ethan even has a TV series on the Discovery Channel.

    The thing is, Kit has epilepsy, which made a lot of people treat him with kid gloves, and why he was not encouraged to go with his parents when they were off to a site. Now a respected lecturer and researcher, Kit thinks people refer to him as ‘the boring Sawyer’.

    He finally took the leap when a mysterious Axtec relic kept popping up, and a decoded message urged him to find a lost city deep in the Mexican jungle.

    The story is in Kit’s POV, and I had a good laugh at how spectacularly out of his depth he is in a new city and the wild jungles. The man had his bag stolen while wandering around a Mexican marketplace like the lost tourist he is.

    But Kit is not trekking the Mexican jungles alone because Ethan would not hear of it. The more experienced man brought crew, supplies, and local guides, knowing these practical things wouldn’t even cross Kit’s mind. Kit brought designer luggage, expensive watch, and willpower.

    As far as stepbro romances go, the banter and the frenemies’ snark were fun and oozing with USTs that Ethan’s friends and TV crew, Simon and Val, secretly made bets. There’s the extra challenge of no privacy and no baths, but the two dorks were smart to make good use of waterfalls and caves.

    The majority of the plot involved walking, Kit making a fool of himself, and him and Ethan bickering. I have this on audiobook because it’s Joel Leslie. It’s an entertaining book, but it’s not the kind that requires my undivided attention.

    You know that Twitter post that says there should be a category of movies/shows on Netflix that you could watch while scrolling on the phone? This feels exactly like that.

    While it involves a lost temple of an Aztec god and treasure, there’s no deep, detailed lore or any complicated mystery. There are intriguing, low-key supernatural elements that I wished were more overt, but it’s mostly just the group in the jungle stumbling upon the lost temple.

    Then came the Indiana Jones twists that had me sitting up, and finally, the high-octane action! It’s death and destruction for all! Centuries-old artifacts and treasure destroyed! Derring do and survival by the skin of their teeth! I was completely riveted!

    I loved the ending! Kit has decisively hung up his Panama hat, but then here comes Ethan and his packages. And a whisper of another quest…

    The First and Last Adventure Of Kit Sawyer may have it’s lulls but it’s an adventure of a lifetime. I am ready for the next one!

    4 Stars – minor quibbles but I loved it to bits

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